(Minghui.org) There are many articles on the Minghui website that remind practitioners about the safety of using cell phones. The recommendations come from real life experiences. Phones being monitored by the communist regime are a part of every practitioner’s life. One police officer in China told a practitioner, “We even know the temperament of your dog.”

Despite many warnings, electronic devices are still so popular because many practitioners depend on them.

Master told us,

“In the same vein, whatever you put on a computer can never be truly deleted, as its end point is controlled by aliens, and everything will have already gone there.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the New York Fa Conference Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dafa’s Spreading”)

We might not have thought too much about aliens obtaining our information or data, but let's think carefully here. Why do aliens collect information from human beings? Their purpose is to destroy or possess human beings. Practitioners are here to save sentient beings and we should not be the aliens' puppets.

Some practitioners take their cellphones wherever they go for the sake of convenience. They talk about anything over the phone and cannot live without them. In fact, we can clarify the truth to people without carrying a cellphone. If we use cellphones less often, the government can gather less information from us and, if we do not talk about anything important over the phone, their monitoring efforts would be meaningless. When meeting each other, we can leave the cellphone in the car or outside of the room when we talk. We can also use traditional ways to communicate.

If the authorities know “the temperament of your dog,” they must have been monitoring us around the clock. Today, they can collect information from our conversations anytime and anywhere without threatening or deceiving you.

In prison, some practitioners do not give out other practitioners’ information under any circumstances, yet other practitioners casually give out information over the phone.  

Under the relaxed environment outside of China, we are less vigilant about this kind of surveillance. The regime can easily gather information on Master and practitioners because of our carelessness. We have often wondered how they could mess up our plans so that our projects were unable to meet Fa's requirements. That's why they were able to sabotage the projects. A few spies could not cause such large-scale damage in such a short period of time.

Master said,

“the tide of the negative and unhealthy has overwhelmed the world.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the New York Fa Conference Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dafa’s Spreading”)

We should reduce the usage of cellphones, computers, and tablets, and return to the traditional ways of doing things. We should pay special attention to cellphones. Don't discuss projects and plans over the phone, don't carry cellphones while discussing projects face to face, don't talk about Master and practitioners' information on the phone. Even though we regard some information useless, the evil may not think so.

Do more and talk less, then it will be difficult for the regime to monitor us. Inside China, each practitioner can do their truth clarification work individually in your own way instead of joining and following the crowd.

If the someone said, “I will give you an electronic bug. You must keep it with you so that we can monitor you around the clock and obtain information. This way we can further sabotage your projects and harm your Master,” no practitioner would cooperate.