(Minghui.org) For the past few years, the elderly practitioners in our Fa-study group have mailed out letters explaining the truth about Falun Dafa. We have cooperated with each other well and have been supported by the younger generation of practitioners.

Cooperation Leads to Success

An 80-year-old practitioner in our group fell down in 2013. Her son mistakenly thought she'd had a stroke and took her to a hospital.

After she was released from the hospital, local practitioners decided to study the Fa with her every morning. She also wanted to be involved in Dafa projects and thought that she could clarify the truth through the mail.

Everyone was touched and decided to help. Some downloaded truth-clarification letters from the internet, while others provided envelopes and stamps. She insisted on writing the addresses on the envelopes. After Fa-study, we mailed the letters. Within six months, we'd sent out over 1,300 letters.

Because we did not want to mail the letters from the same location each time, we had to seek out different mailboxes and post offices. This was a great opportunity to clarify the facts face to face and distribute Dafa fliers.

Attentiveness to Detail

Mailing these letters is also a process of cultivating our minds and hearts. All of us who have participated in this project have improved.

Collecting addresses is not as easy as it sounds and there are setbacks. Some addresses have no zip codes and we have to look them up. Some persecution reports include a duplicate address or a change in the address. Sometimes a letter is posted twice to the same address. This means we have to be attentive to details.

The content of the letters is mainly taken from the Minghui website. We download the appropriate content for these letters. After we edit the letters, we print them out and a practitioner makes copies.

One practitioner takes care of her grandchild for her daughter. The daughter often drives her mother to mail the letters. She told her mother to write more such letters to the police, so they learn the facts and stop persecuting good people.

Ensuring the Effectiveness of Our Letters

One 78-year-old practitioner is very busy from Monday to Friday. She often participates in the Fa-study group in the morning and clarifies the facts to people face to face in the afternoon. She mails the letters on Saturday and Sunday.

“If we cultivate ourselves well,” she said, “the effect of these letters will be better. If we don’t cultivate ourselves well, this will impact the effectiveness of the letters. Thus, we should send forth righteous thoughts before doing things. With Dafa practitioners’ energy and righteous thoughts, every letter should be highly effective.”

An 86-year-old male practitioner insists on mailing the letters whatever the weather. Sometimes he feels like he needs a rest, but as soon as he thinks about this effort to clarify the truth, his fatigue disappears.

In winter, the roads are very slippery in northeast China. He has to walk a long way to mail the letters, and sometimes his legs hurt. He does not give up and has mailed more than 2,000 letters. Master's words greatly encourage him: “Let joy be found in hardship.” (“Tempering the Will” from Hong Yin)

“The process of mailing the truth-clarification letters,” he said, “is also the process of removing my attachment to comfort. Master hopes that we all succeed in cultivation. No matter how cold or tired I am, I am not afraid.”

Letting Go of Attachments

“Mailing these letters,” said another elderly practitioner, “has pointed out a lot of my attachments.

“I was worried that my handwriting would be recognized and I would be persecuted for writing the letter. I also felt reluctant to do it because I have to walk a long way to find a post office or mailbox, which would tire me out. When collecting information and editing letters, I had an attachment to fearing difficulties and hardships.

“When a computer or a printer did not work, instead of looking within, I would ask a fellow practitioner to repair it – an attachment to relying on others. On the path of cultivation, I would feel pleased when things were going smoothly – an attachment of zealotry. As soon as I found these attachments, I would remove them by studying the Fa more and sending forth righteous thoughts.”

This practitioner also realized that, while doing any kind of Dafa work, only by studying the Fa well, truly cultivating oneself, and digging out the root of selfishness, can one be a genuine practitioner.

“In my experience,” she said, “mailing letters is an effective way of awakening the conscience of the judiciary, saving them, and ending the persecution. These letters can clarify the facts more clearly, more completely, and more effectively. They can expose the lies and the reasons behind the persecution.”