(Minghui.org) The first Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference in Connecticut was held on May 28, 2017. Thirty speakers shared their stories and understandings on cultivation with fellow practitioners from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Japan, and China.

Several speakers mentioned the importance of reading the sharing articles published on the Minghui website. Ms. Tan, who started practicing 20 years ago, mentioned that she sometimes felt frustrated because she still had many attachments. One day she read an article on the Minghui site, entitled, “Fa Tools I Have Seen Playing Important Roles,” which helped her to reach a better understanding of this issue.

The article said that attachments are actual beings that take up residence in a cultivator’s body in different forms and images. The process of finding them is the process of looking inward. Ms. Tan realized that she should not conceal her attachments, that she had to expose them.

“Only if you expose it will you have courage to get rid of it,” she said. “And reading the Fa well is the foundation of everything. The Fa gives us wisdom.”

Promoting Shen Yun every year is a chance for all practitioners in Connecticut to collaborate with each other and cultivate as a whole body. Mr. Zhong's task every year is to prepare food for the performers. He has to coordinate a whole team for this task.

At the beginning, Mr. Zhong could not get along well with other practitioners. After a few conflicts, he started to look inward. He found that he could not take criticism and he sometimes tried to show off. After seeing these problems, which he believed caused the conflicts, he tried to eliminate them and purify his heart.

This year, the team worked together very well. “I see the power of looking inward,” he said. “I also realized that every tiny task in cultivation is a chance to improve ourselves and to help Master. I am really honored to be a practitioner.”

Sheryl, a Western practitioner, said that cultivation has uplifted her soul, and she has become more peaceful. Her family has seen her change. Her husband was against her practicing, but after witnessing her personality improve, he changed his mind last year. He has recently even started practicing with her.

Another Western practitioner, Alejandra, said she has made cultivation the top priority in her life. She spends all her free time cultivating. She also mentioned that she took every chance to promote Shen Yun in her family and social circles. Her mother, who was against her practicing, changed her attitude after seeing the Shen Yun show. Her mother recently borrowed a copy of Zhuan Falun from her. All these changes made Alejandra see the amazing power of Dafa.

As practitioners know, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings are our responsibility. Mr. Zhang said, “Reading the Fa and trusting Master are the foundation for everything we do. When we follow Master and do what Master wants us to do, things will get done smoothly, because we have help from gods and we gain wisdom from Master. The more we do, the more efficient we will be.”

Mr. Zhang realized that Master has given practitioners the best and that we all have abilities. What we need to do is to discover our potential and do better to save people.

Dr. Xu, a physician, recalled his 20-year journey of cultivation. He said, “Life is a process of cultivation.”

From his own study of medicine, he realized that human beings are not the result of evolution. Through cultivation, Dr. Xu realized that fame and money are not worthwhile goals for one’s life, that the real goal is to return one's true self. Mr. Xu eventually gave up pursuing fame and money.

After the six-hour conference ended, many who attended commented that they had learned a lot and were encouraged to strive forward diligently in the future.