(Minghui.org) Master Li, the founder of Falun Gong, has told us many times to pay attention to Fa study. Coordinators in our area have provided a place for everyone to have group study every evening. I have participated in the group Fa study many times and have some thoughts I'd like to share.

Around a dozen practitioners attend the group study sessions every day. I noticed that reading together continuously is better than each person reading a paragraph in succession because it results in a strong connection and feeling of belonging between us.

When reading the words and focusing on the content, I feel that we should not be concerned with the sound of our own voices, but instead merge into the voice of the group. Studying like this generates a gentle, warm, and pure energy that makes one feel refreshed.

Some practitioners read quickly and make others catch up with them. This can feel like a speed reading contest. A practitioner who reads quickly is prone to making errors and missing words, and the effect is not good.

Some practitioners read loudly without noticing that their volume is overwhelming others. Loud voices affect others by disrupting the gentle field that comes from reading together.

I've noticed that some practitioners leave the Fa study session early, possibly because they are affected by this.

I believe that the group study coordinators should notice this, and gently remind practitioners to keep their voices down and read slowly.

Group Fa study is also cultivation. There is a process of thinking of others, and eliminating attachments and human notions. It can help us get rid of the show off mentality, jealousy, complacency, and selfishness, and subsequently learn to think of others and cooperate as one body.