(Minghui.org) Many Falun Dafa practitioners have lost their jobs since the communist regime launched the persecution of this cultivation practice. I was one of them. As I could not get a job in my profession, I decided to go into sales.

After being offered a sales job, I was under great pressure, because I had to learn everything from scratch, and I was 30 years older than most of my colleagues.

My initiation to the job was supposed to include a training session. However, I was not provided an opportunity to take the training. Many thoughts went through my mind until I found out that the manager had treated me as a senior employee.

As everyone knew that I was a practitioner, I decided that this would be an opportunity to show the power of Dafa and demonstrate a practitioner's demeanor.

Kindness Results in Good Returns

Our company pays their employees a commission, which results in people competing and fighting with each other over petty things. This was an opportunity for me to pass the test of self-interest.

When I found a highly profitable sales opportunity, given the company's policy, I would receive compensation, which would have increased my commission by three times.

However, when I was about to close the deal, two coworkers from one of our subsidiaries demanded to receive a share in my project. Without a second thought, I turned the project over to them and let go of the commission.

Then, a coworker and I worked on the same project. As I brought the client to our company, I should have taken the lead on the project, but the sale ended up in my coworker’s hands. I did not fight over it.

This coworker always remembered my good deed. When I could not be on time to meet a client, he stood in for me and helped make the deal. Other coworkers said, “If one is kind, one will receive good returns.

Outstanding Performance for a New Employee

It is very competitive in the sales field. Our company has training sessions on different sales subjects, including how to convince a customer to buy the product on the first try.

When one person is introducing the product to a customer, another colleague would make a fake phone call to give this customer the impression that another client was also interested in buying the product. Or, a colleague would pretend to be a customer with interest in the same product.

I have practiced Falun Dafa for more than 20 years and follow the Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Therefore, I came to realize that as long as I did my job well, I did not have to play tricks or use dirty means to make a sale.

I never sent out fake information to persuade clients to come in. I gave truthful information about our products and allowed them some time to think through whether they wanted to buy the product or not. By doing that, I have gained the respect of my clients and closed four deals within two months. This is considered outstanding performance for a new employee.

Sharing Without Regret

I am always very forthcoming with my coworkers and share my experience in gaining clients’ trust. They felt that it was very eye-opening and showed their appreciation by sharing their sales techniques with me.

A sales technique is to only introduce the strength and hide the weakness of a product. I always told my customers the pros and cons of a product. Most customers could feel that I was sincere. Thus, many went ahead and bought the products.

I told my clients that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner. Many clients trust me and also refer their friends to me. I thus collected the names of many potential customers.

As a practitioner I have a calm mind when facing all kinds of challenges in the sales field. I withstood the pressure to use techniques to hide the truth and impressed my colleagues and manager

I will continue to treasure the opportunity to clarify the facts to my colleagues and clients. I will expose the evilness of the persecution, and help people withdraw their memberships from the Party and its youth organizations.