(Minghui.org) I was born a sickly child, and my daughter was no exception. Both of us were constantly in and out of hospitals. As the only able-bodied person in our family, my husband became the sole breadwinner and did the household chores.

Towards the end of 1995, my husband suddenly fell ill with hepatitis and jaundice, and was admitted to the local hospital. Despite treatments, his condition worsened.

Practicing Falun Dafa

While in the hospital, my husband suggested that we take a short walk on May 13, 1996. When resting on a bench, a hospital employee strolled by. He told us that he was on his way to a qigong class and asked us if we were interested in learning it. I persuaded my skeptical husband to accompany me to the class.

At the practice site, we watched a video of Master Li’s Guangzhou lecture. I was deeply moved by Master’s words and realized with certainty that I found the cultivation practice I had been looking for.

From then on, we visited the practice site daily and by the fourth night, I felt a wave of heat flow from head to toe. After that I no longer suffered any of the illness symptoms that had plagued me for many years.

In contrast, my husband said that his body felt heavier each day. I recalled the paper prayer charms we had pinned to his clothes earlier, hoping that this would aid his recovery. We removed these charms and burned them. To our surprise, my husband’s condition instantly improved and when examined, his blood test results were normal! We initiated discharge procedures and returned home.

Soon after, my daughter began practicing along with us. Within a few days, she was bedridden with a high fever that raged for three consecutive days. On the third day her fever, along with all her various chronic illnesses, had disappeared.

Dafa Displayed Its Power

After the onset of the persecution, my husband gave up on cultivation practice, but I continued to cultivate. I had a poor level of understanding and did things to the extreme. As a result, I was persecuted many times by the authorities. I even compromised with them on three separate occasions, causing trouble for my family and losses for Dafa.

Initially, my husband protected me as he remained convinced of the goodness of Dafa. However he became disillusioned with my extreme behavior and began to beat and berate me, and threatened me with divorce while cursing Master and Dafa.

Through diligent study of the Fa and reading articles in the Minghui Weekly, I gradually saw the error of my actions and made a concentrated effort to practice compassion. I did my best to show more consideration and care for my husband, and I corrected my formerly reckless truth clarification actions. Gradually I won over my husband, and his attitude towards Dafa and me changed for the better.

My husband suffered a severe hepatitis relapse in October 2005. We took him to the hospital for treatment. Upon realizing that even expensive medical treatments held no guarantee of a cure, my husband broke down in tears. Other practitioners advised him to resume cultivation practice.

“I tore up Dafa books and cursed Dafa,” he said. 'I am ashamed to turn to Dafa for help!”

His sister and practitioners persuaded my husband to study the Fa and read articles published on Minghui Weekly. That afternoon he came down with a high fever and diarrhea, which stopped by midnight. He had recovered within five days.

Youngest Daughter's Steadfast Cultivation

Because of the persecution, I was illegally imprisoned multiple times or forced to leave home to avoid arrest. As a result, I was frequently absent from home. My youngest daughter was just two years old when she experienced her first prolonged separation from me.

Although my absence had caused her much sadness and suffering, my youngest daughter remained steadfast in cultivating Dafa. During her school years, she often clarified the truth about Dafa to her classmates and friends, and persuaded them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations.

Her classmates’ parents were so impressed by my daughter’s maturity and sense of responsibility that they frequently invited her to their homes. My daughter would seize the opportunity to give them truth clarification materials and explain to them the facts about Dafa.

While studying in high school, my daughter took the opportunity to clarify the truth to seven of her classmates.

She described the health benefits and improvement in moral values I experienced from cultivation practice and the persecution I suffered.

Among her seven classmates was a student who frequently got into fights and neglected her studies. She pretended to be asleep as soon as my daughter started talking. However, towards the end of her narrative, that student suddenly sat upright and exclaimed, “Your mother is a hero! She should continue cultivation practice. She has my support!”

The rest of her classmates were also moved to tears. My daughter told them to remember the phrase, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She also helped them quit the CCP's youth organizations.

From then on, these seven classmates actively helped my daughter whenever she clarified the truth to others. They even helped her write truth clarification slogans.

The Evil Has Been Eliminated

My eldest daughter's child is only two-and-a-half years of age. Yet she is already able to send forth righteous thoughts and memorize sections of Master’s Fa.

My eldest daughter was persecuted and almost gave up cultivation. In the middle of 2015, my granddaughter came down with a high fever during my absence. Worried, my daughter gave the child medication, but the fever did not go down.

I returned on the fourth night and went to visit my grandchild, who was crying from discomfort. I told my daughter and granddaughter to send forth righteous thoughts. Gradually my granddaughter calmed down, although her fever remained. As she lay restlessly in bed, I told her, “Ask Master to help you.” My granddaughter agreed.

After a while, she stood up in bed, opened her eyes, and said, “Master has come to save me!” My daughter touched her forehead and told us that the fever was gone. My granddaughter gestured with her small hand and said, “The evil has been eliminated!” My daughter and her husband were amazed by the quick recovery.