(Minghui.org) I would like to share my understanding of Master's teaching with fellow practitioners.

Master said:

“Dafa is the Law of the cosmos, and it is what brings life into being and makes greatness possible. To learn it, it’s necessary that you study it with all due seriousness and mental calm, and do so consistently, while also ensuring that you understand what you are reading. Only when you ensure that your conduct as a person—and as a cultivator—abides by the Fa are you a Dafa disciple.” (“A Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Argentina”)

Some practitioners read the Fa quickly during our group Fa Study, since they have read the words many times before, and they know what the next sentence is. However, they may be learning nothing by studying the Fa this way, and be unable to improve themselves. Master told us to read the Fa every day. But reading the Fa very quickly like this is treating Fa study as a formality. It seems that they are just hurrying to complete a task.

I always read very slowly at our group Fa Study or when I study by myself. I read every word out loud, and every time I read it's as if I have never read Zhuan Falun before. I try to let every word go into my mind. My main consciousness clearly knows what I am reading. While reading, I evaluate my own behavior to see if I'm conducting myself according to the Fa. This way, I have a deeper understanding of the Fa and I remember what I've read.

When I first started reading the Fa, my mind often slipped away and I began thinking of something else. Whenever this happened I would stop reading immediately and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference. When my thoughts were clear, I resumed reading. I tried to keep my mind focused on what I was reading. This usually happened several times during my reading.

As I kept clearing out those thoughts that interfered with my Fa study, the interference became less and less, and finally stopped completely. Now when I read the Fa, I can feel that my thoughts are pure, and every word enters my mind. After I study, my mind is clear and alert, and I always feel that I've learned a lot from the Fa. When I go out to clarify the truth and tell people about Falun Gong, I feel energetic, and my mind is filled with the Fa.

Some practitioners I know have started to memorize the Fa. Memorizing the Fa greatly helps us to cultivate. One's mind must be highly focused, and naturally every word will go into one's mind. Although it is time-consuming, the results are very good. Those who memorize the Fa often improve rapidly in cultivation and say that they gain deeper understandings of the Fa and cultivation.

The main reason we study the Fa is to obtain the Fa. With the Fa in our thoughts, we can cultivate ourselves, and do the three things well, the way cultivators should.