(Minghui.org) We should continue to do well in our cultivation during this final stage of Fa-rectification. Although Master has mentioned this many times in Zhuan Falun, some practitioners still have not paid much attention to it and are unwilling to let go of their human notions.

For example, there is a highly educated practitioner in my area who has a well-paying job. Because of her attachments to comfort, ego, and showing-off, she often made mistakes when we studied the Fa together. Others practitioners pointed it out to her, but she ignored them. Seeing her experiencing two major tribulations within two years, a practitioner visited her and kindly reminded her to look inward to improve. Several months later, this practitioner came back to the Fa-study group and complained, “How did you know I was not looking within?”

This practitioner encountered another tribulation a short time later. After being released from the neurology department in a hospital, she complained again, “I also did many things to tell others about Falun Gong, so why did I encounter this problem?” Her cynical attitude made her family members unhappy, so they restricted her from meeting with other practitioners.

Master said,

“Each instance of human thinking during a test, each instance of inadequate righteous thoughts, and each attachment that a cultivator has will be seized upon by them as an excuse to drag you down and take you out from among the ranks of cultivating Dafa disciples.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

From Illness Karma to Family Life

I have seen many situations where practitioners did poorly.

One practitioner was heavily influenced by Communist Party culture and was very stubborn. Failing to recognize her strong sentimentality and attachment to showing-off, she thought she was doing well in cultivation practice. When other practitioners pointed out her issues to help her improve and eliminate the symptoms of chronic disease, she said it was illness karma and refused to listen to the criticism. As this continued, her family could not understand her and she often ran into conflicts.

Another practitioner had a strong ego and felt good about himself. He said, “I think my cultivation practice is the best in our region.”

Another practitioner often argued with her husband, and was stuck in this state for a number of years. She went to a hospital for medical care, saying that she was conforming to everyday society. Because she could not handle these things well, her family relationship was stressful.

After having the symptoms of heart disease, one practitioner refused to listen to others and went to see a doctor. The same practitioner once told others that he seldom read articles on Minghui, “because they are too high-level, not applicable for us.”

Acting According to the Fa Principles

Some practitioners are attached to their special skills or their high rank at their workplace. As a result, they could not accept differing opinions. Such situations negatively affect our efforts to save people.

Ironically, some of these practitioners considered themselves as cultivating well and spent much time studying the Fa. In fact, knowing the Fa is different from following it. Only by acting according to the Fa and assimilating ourselves to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance can we create a better environment.

When we are doing poorly, Master worries about us and the situation around us could also become intense. Since we are here to improve ourselves and save people, there is no excuse for not doing well.

Helping Each Other

Master said,

“But normally when a problem arises, if it does not irritate a person psychologically, it does not count or is useless and cannot make him or her improve.” (Zhuan Falun)

Therefore, when other practitioners point out our problems, we should pay attention and correct them. In fact, I have experienced this several times. And although at the time I felt uncomfortable, I was always thankful afterward because these practitioners gave me opportunities to recognize my loopholes.

When watching Shen Yun performances, we have seen how well practitioners can work together seamlessly as one body. I hope we can achieve this too.