(Minghui.org) After reading the sharing article, “Showing Respect in Greetings Photos Sent to Master,” I would like to share some of my thoughts.

China is imbued with culture and etiquette. From ancient times to the present, the Chinese people pay special attention to the celebration of Chinese New Year. Although the atmosphere is diminished, some of the old traditions are still kept. One of them is the New Year’s greeting.

The way that people do the greetings now has changed. SMS, WeChat and phone calls are used to greet each other. Some people even copy jingles off the Internet and send them as their personal greetings, which make the greetings no longer from people's hearts.

In ancient times, the younger generation greeted the older generation by kowtowing to show their respect. It is rarely seen now.

After the persecution began, when I first saw the greetings from practitioners to Master on the Internet, I did not understand why. I thought that burning incense to Master's portrait at home sent my greeting to Master. I thought about the reason for a long time.

Later, I understood that the greetings on the Internet can be seen by everyday people. It is a way to tell people that Dafa disciples firmly believe in Master and Dafa. Despite the Chinese regime’s propaganda that defame Dafa, Dafa disciples do not believe the lies or give up.

The large numbers of greetings to Master, including from non-practitioners, can eliminate the evil and show the regime that people are not deceived by them. People practice Dafa all over the world.

The greetings to Master on the Internet not only express our gratitude and respect to Master but also validate Dafa.

I suggest that practitioners in China send their greetings to Master on the Internet if they can break through the censorship.