(Minghui.org) Recently, several fellow practitioners in China were brave enough to start doing the exercises outdoors.

During our group meetings, some of them shared their thoughts. It was a controversial topic among us and generated some heated discussion, with valid points coming from all sides.

Those who were for the idea

One practitioner stated, “There was an article on Minghui that mentioned doing the exercises outdoors. If you won't start going outside now, then when will you? When Fa-rectification is over?”

One coordinator also encouraged the idea and persuaded other practitioners to join.

“It is time to make a breakthrough. In the meantime, it can help spread the Fa,” he said.

Those who were against the idea

One practitioner had an objection: “Cultivation has no form. So whoever wants to go out can go. I won't stop you, but do not drag me into it.”

Another one commented, “This should not be an order. Each individual has to enlighten on their own and then decide what to do.”

Those who went exercising outdoors

Those who exercised outdoors wanted to encourage others to go out as well. This was intensified after they saw an article about exercising outdoors on Minghui; they saw it as a signal for us that the time was right.

These practitioners interpreted it to mean that perhaps Fa-rectification had reached a new height and that it was now okay to go out and exercise.

Regarding the Minghui article

I also read the aforementioned article on Minghui. It talked about xinxing improvement. The practitioner who wrote the article had an incredible breakthrough, and I was happy for him.

Improvement in cultivation is comprehensive and not limited to just one aspect. I believe that this article was published to encourage others to make breakthroughs in their cultivation. It was not asking others to follow suit.

If your cultivation environment is relaxed, then you can come out and exercise. If that is not the case but you insist, isn't that a bit extreme?

Another article on Minghui clearly states, “In those areas of severe persecution, it is not appropriate to exercise outdoors.”

A serious lesson to learn

In China, many fellow practitioners still entertain heavy notions of Party culture. They like to “jump on the bandwagon” without giving things a serious thought.

A related event happened in our area not too long ago. One coordinator organized a sharing conference at a fellow practitioner's home near the village committee and police station. Over forty people attended the conference.

After the conference, the coordinator felt pretty good about himself.

“We had a conference right under the nose of the police,” he said. “See, nothing happened! The environment is so relaxed now. What are we afraid of? Come on, it is time to come out do whatever we need to do.”

Many fellow practitioners did come out. But shortly after that, many of them were arrested. The coordinator himself was slapped with a heavy sentence.

It was quite a lesson to learn. As cultivators, no matter what we encounter, we have to evaluate it with the Fa and enlighten to it. First and foremost, we have to focus on improving our xinxing so that we can save more people. We should not use a cookie-cutter formula to determine what we should or should not do.

How much we can accomplish depends on our cultivation state and xinxing level. Without a solid foundation of cultivation, “jumping on the bandwagon” will only yield negative results. Why not settle our hearts down and truly evaluate our cultivation state and then decide the next appropriate move?

I suggest we all look within without any notions, rationally understand the Fa, assess the situation accordingly, and then follow with action. Improvement in cultivation can only come from a thorough understanding of the Fa, and that will help us complete our main task–doing the three things well. Nothing else should interfere with this goal.

This is my understanding at this level. Please kindly point out any shortcomings.