(Minghui.org) There is a Fa study group in a village, whose members are all older women. They meet at a location right in front of the town police station and have been at that location for several years. Since Falun Dafa practitioners are severely persecuted and often arrested by police in China, it is noteworthy that no arrests have occurred, despite the practitioners' proximity to the police station.

The youngest member of the group is in her 60s, while the oldest is almost 80. These ladies are very diligent in practicing Falun Dafa, and they study the Fa and clarify the truth every day.

The practitioners talk about Falun Dafa and the persecution to the policemen whenever they happen to run into them. Sometimes they give them informational brochures. People tell the ladies that they often see Falun Dafa brochures and flyers on the police officers' desks when they enter the station.

When a practitioner's relative went to the police station on a business-related errand one time, he saw some Dafa materials in the office. He pointed at the materials and asked an officer, "Where did these come from?"

The officer answered, "Where did they come from? They were brought in by those Falun Dafa practitioners."

“Can you identify the people?” asked the fellow.

"Sure. It would be those older women," answered the officer, pointing at the Falun Dafa practitioners outside.

"Why didn’t you arrest them?"

"There is no reason to arrest them. Let them be," said the officer as he smiled, seemingly indifferent to the matter.

Righteous Diligence Overcomes Persecution

The reality of the situation is that the police officers didn't suddenly decide to go easy on the practitioners. Rather, the officer's understanding of Dafa is due to the diligence of this group of ladies.

They send righteous thoughts frequently every day to clean up the evil elements around the policemen. With such thoughts, they try to stop the police from harassing practitioners, in the hope that it may prevent the officers from being punished in the future for persecuting practitioners.

In addition to studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts during the day, these practitioners also go out at night to talk to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. Sometimes they go quite far away and return home at midnight.

One member of the group is a 74-year-old woman whose son and daughter-in-law work out of town. She often hands out information at night.

The lock on the courtyard gate where she lives makes a lot of noise whenever it is opened. Her grandson and granddaughter–in-law, who live off of the same courtyard, hear the gate when she goes out at night. Concerned for her safety, they’ve often tried to persuade her to stay home in the evening.

They once said to her, “Since you spend plenty of time during the day giving out Falun Dafa information, why don’t you stay home at night? If you go out in the dark, you could fall and hurt yourself.”

The old woman smiled and assured them. “Don’t worry about Grandma. I have Dafa's founder, Master Li to watch over me.”

She continues to go out at night and hasn't fallen or encountered any other mishaps.

One night, after this practitioner left her home, the grandson and granddaughter-in-law locked the gate. They figured that their grandma would have to knock on the gate when she came home later that night, and that they could just open the door for her then. They thought that making her return home more difficult would stop her from going out at night.

However, after they went to bed, they forgot about opening the gate for her. When they awoke the next morning, they remembered that she was still locked out. They rushed to the gate, but no one was there. The grandson then went to his grandma’s room and found her sleeping in her bed.

When the practitioner came home and found the gate locked, she realized that her grandchildren were trying to stop her from going out. However, she didn’t want to wake them up, so she asked for Master's support and climbed over the fence to enter the courtyard and get to her home.

The grandchildren no longer try to prevent her from going out at night.