(Minghui.org) I have a beautiful and intelligent daughter. In today’s China where materialism reigns and people have little sense of right or wrong but are greatly worried about their safety, we were all very concerned about her future.

When my daughter was in her final year of high school, I read the book Zhuan Falun. I found it so wonderful that I wanted to recommend it to her.

I had two concerns, though. First, from the time they are children, young people have all been brainwashed with atheism by the Chinese Communist Party, and its textbooks defame Falun Dafa. Would she believe the facts about Falun Dafa? Second, the book, though simple in language, has profound connotations, and practitioners need to prepare to deal with hardships. Would my daughter, who had lived a happy and sheltered life, be able to face up to this?

To my great surprise, my daughter started practicing Falun Dafa right after she read the book. It was such a blessing for our family!

“What a Kindhearted Girl!”

The next year, my daughter was admitted to a university to study her desired specialty. Then, out of the blue, the university notified her that her place in that specialty had been given to someone else and that she would have to follow a different course of study.

I knew it was a xinxing test, but I truly felt heartbroken. A friend of mine got really angry to hear what had happened and offered to help get my daughter reinstated in her major.

Just then, Master’s words of warning came to my mind:

“If someone makes trouble for me, I’ll return the same. If he has supporters, I do, too. Let’s fight.” (Zhuan Falun)

I asked my daughter to decide for herself what she wanted to do.

She said to me in tears, “I know how much it hurt when someone took away what was mine. I won’t do anything that will cause someone else harm or pain.”

She even tried to comfort me by saying, “Master told us ‘When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.' (Zhuan Falun) I can do it.”

When I told my friend what my daughter said, he was moved to tears and said, “What a kindhearted girl!”

“Now I Can Calmly Face the Student Who Took My Place.”

After my daughter started her coursework at the university, she came home to visit and told me that she ran into someone who was looking for the student registration office and asked her to take him there.

On the way he bragged to my daughter that he had managed get into this very popular course because his family had paid a lot of money to squeeze someone else out of it. He said the university did not notify him to come register until they made sure that the other student had enrolled in a different course and wasn’t going to cause any trouble.

He was the one who took my daughter’s place.

My daughter handled the situation as a Dafa cultivator because she remembered Master’s teaching:

“…… when a problem arises, if it does not irritate a person psychologically, it does not count or is useless and cannot make him or her improve.” (Zhuan Falun)

She said, “Master was telling me that I still have attachments to let go of. Now I can calmly face the student who took my place.”

A Model Student

At the university, my daughter always conducted herself according to the Fa principles and tried to be a good student.

She bought cleaning supplies to clean their shared dormitory and did chores that others tried to avoid. As a result, their dormitory was always clean and tidy.

She was kind, tolerant, and understanding, and all her roommates got on well. Students in other dormitories envied them and often went to their dorm for fun.

On these occasions, she would tell them about the principles of Falun Dafa and how important it is to be a good person.

My daughter studied very hard, too. Once she said to me, “Now I can see that Master’s arrangement is really good! Not only did I pass a big xinxing test, a lot the things I’m learning now could be very useful in projects to validate the Fa in the future. I will do well! It’s all good!”

She excelled in her academic work at the university. In addition to her regular coursework, my daughter attended cram classes in general knowledge outside the university.

She was elected head of her class and president of the student union and was also awarded scholarships. The university even wanted her to stay and work at the university after she graduated.

After carefully considering her offers, my daughter chose to work in her current company, a new start-up.

“It’s Very Hard to Find Someone Like You in Today’s World!”

Just after she started, the general manager of the newly established company had to return to his hometown on an unexpected urgent matter, so my daughter was entrusted with the responsibilities of renting the premises, registering the company, and purchasing goods, among other tasks.

It was quite a big responsibility for her as she had only just graduated and had little experience.

She remembered that Master said, “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master” (Zhuan Falun) and reasoned, “I have the Fa and Master to take care of me. I just need to do well what I should do.”

The general manager was very impressed with way things were running when he returned. He said to my daughter, “You’ve done everything I should have done as the general manager. You look so delicate, yet you are so capable!”

He insisted that she should have a pay raise, but my daughter declined his offer, saying, “The company is just getting started and there are many expenses that need to be covered. My salary is already sufficient. There is no need to offer me more.”

My daughter did an outstanding job and the general manager tried to give her a pay raise and promote her several times, but each time she kindly declined.

Puzzled, he said to her, “Others stop at nothing to try to get a salary increase and promotion. You have done so much for the company, especially the wonderful innovative ideas you have offered, but you never pursue personal gain and always consider what is best for the company. It’s very hard find someone like you in today’s world! Tell me why you are so different from everyone else.”

My daughter told him about her experiences cultivating in Falun Dafa and said, “Our Master told us to be the best people. I’m still far from it. The innovative ideas I had all stemmed from the wisdom Master has given me. I’m only following Master’s teachings in my conduct.”

The General Manager Starts to Cultivate

After that encounter, the manager read Zhuan Falun and started practicing Falun Dafa, too.

He follows the Fa principles in the running of the company and requires all staff members to be honest with their clients and to be kind towards each other.

The general manager also incorporates the facts about Falun Dafa in his teaching materials when he goes out of town to give lectures. He clarifies the facts to his clients whenever possible. He also sends software to overcome the Internet blockade to his colleagues and clients and encouraged them to quit the CCP organizations.

The company has been running very smoothly since its establishment a few years ago. It has not only repaid its start-up loan but has also made impressive profits.

Whenever they reflect on the progress of the company, the general manager and my daughter are amazed by the wonder and goodness of Dafa. They encourage each other to do even better in cultivation.

Pure Mind and Body

My daughter always wanted to live a pure and single life, even before she started practicing Falun Dafa. This view was further enhanced after she took up the practice.

She said to me, “I’ll stay single 'till the Fa rectifies the human world and when I reach consummation and return to my true home.”

My daughter is privileged in many ways and has an aura of elegance, and therefore she has many pursuers, who would try all sorts of means to win her heart. For a while, there was hardly any peace at home due to such interference.

We became a bit worried about her and wondered how she would cope with it.

It was just as Master said in the poem “Tempering the Will” in Hong Yin,

“Each and every barrier must be broken through,And everywhere does evil lurk.Abundant troubles rain down together,All to see: Can you pull through?The world’s miseries endured,One departs the earth a Buddha.”

My daughter simply kept studying the Fa and searching within. She held out against all the interference and pressure.

She often saw in her dreams that Master’s Fashen was looking after her, dropping hints to her and encouraging her. She became even more determined in cultivation. Gradually, such interference became less and less and life became quiet again.

My daughter has always been a low-key person, yet she is praised everywhere she goes for her honesty, kindness, and righteousness.

A friend of mine said, “Your daughter is so kind, even a wolf would keep away from her!”

The head of our neighborhood committee said, “She is number one. No one in our area can match her.”

One of our neighbors said to me, “In this degenerate society, your daughter remains pure and beautiful. She is elegant but not cold, dignified but not pretentious. She is such a good girl, a truly unique young woman!”

I know in my heart that my daughter would not have been able to be the way she is without cultivating in Dafa and Master’s compassionate protection.