(Minghui.org) I recently came across an article on the Minghui website that talks about how some practitioners in China blindly follow and depend on local coordinators in their cultivation. I was truly touched by the author's effort in upholding the Fa. I, too, share similar concerns about our local practitioners.

In my view, the biggest problem we have locally is that the practitioners have not been walking their individual paths in cultivation as Master asks of us. They overly depend on and blindly follow the coordinators' examples. Some even idolize the coordinators because they have not been arrested in the past decade—“the evil cannot touch them.”

These coordinators seem to cultivate well and have strong righteous thoughts. They therefore are able to find an audience among our local practitioners when they share their cultivation experiences. Though some of these coordinators have been forced out of their homes, they somehow managed to organize experience sharing conferences frequently over the years–not just locally, but also in the neighboring areas.

Nobody seems to notice that large-scale arrests almost always happened after these conferences, and the involved practitioners were arrested but never these coordinators. Nobody seems to see the correlation between these events. Only a few practitioners who are clear on the Fa principles see the repeated mistakes and worry about our local cultivation environment.

These coordinators brag that they have strong righteous thoughts and that “evil cannot touch them.” Some practitioners buy their stories and idolize the coordinators to the point of selling their apartments to provide the coordinators with a car or sponsor their trips to different areas to share their experience. These coordinators use these things as their accomplishments to show off. Some practitioners even feel pleased and proud to be able to accompany these coordinators.

Is it really because of their strong righteous thoughts that they have not been arrested, or is it because the evil wanted to use them as bait? How else can one explain that not just local practitioners, but also those who attended the conferences from out of town, were arrested after returning home? The head of the provincial 610 Office knew exactly who the organizers were, yet never arrested them.

A number of local practitioners were put through brainwashing sessions recently and revealed a lot of information to the local authorities, such as where the coordinators' rental places were, how many people go there regularly to send righteous thoughts, and even the verses that these coordinators made everyone recite when sending righteous thoughts. The evil has more than enough evidence, yet they left these coordinators alone.

What's more scary is that, besides these coordinators, the evil uses other practitioners to create more chaos. The coordinators invited a practitioner from out of town to share his experience at their conference in 2007, which directly caused damage to our local cultivation environment. Many material production sites were taken out, and many practitioners were arrested and sentenced, including Ms. Jiang Pai, who was tortured to death by officers of the local Domestic Security Division.

These coordinators always use the same old examples of themselves looking inward to give the impression of “cultivating solidly.” However, they have failed to look inward each time they cause another group arrest. They blame others for what went wrong and never seem to think it's their fault.

They continue to organize experience sharing conferences of all sizes and are quick to point fingers when someone is arrested or going through sickness karma. Instead of looking inward, they criticize another practitioner for leaving loopholes for the evil to exploit.

I hope that our local practitioners will wake up to the truth and mature in cultivation. I hope the coordinators who have caused huge losses to the local cultivation environment would stop what they're doing and not let their attachment to fame cause any more damage.