(Minghui.org) As Fa-rectification nears its end, many practitioners know that the time we have left is precious and are therefore cultivating diligently and trying to save as many people as possible.

Yet, some practitioners' faith in Master and the Fa has eroded because Master has extended the time over and over again.

These practitioners are still very attached to self-interest and cannot cultivate diligently. They do not cherish the extended period of time that Master has provided for us by enduring extreme hardships and pain, and their cultivation is inconsistent.

A local practitioner who spends all her time making money still wants a good life in ordinary society. When I told her I was worried about her, she said, “Shen Yun has not come to China yet. It will be a while before it all ends.”

I asked her, “If Master gives us ten more years, yet your cultivation state remains the same, do you think you will get to go home with Master?”

Instead of waiting for Shen Yun to come to be diligent, we need to improve our cultivation and create a better environment for Shen Yun to come. If we all cultivate diligently, all practitioners will have strong righteous thoughts and treat the three things as the top priority. As more and more people learn that Dafa is good, the evil will not be able to interfere, and Shen Yun will surely come to China soon.

But how far are we still from the standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance? Let's all examine ourselves and see how well we're doing.

Have we been cultivating diligently and saving people unceasingly? Have we reached the state of being completely selfless and always considering others first? Can we remain unmoved and still look inward when criticized? Do we not fight back when beaten or sworn at, and bear no resentment whatsoever? Is the first thing we do when we encounter conflicts to examine ourselves? Do we look inward when we witness conflicts between others? Can we remain unmoved even when we're wronged? Do we prejudge people when we clarify the truth? Do we still have fear?

I know full well that I am still far from the standards set by Master. If Master ends it all right now, I won't be able to reach consummation. I still need to work on my competitiveness, fear, jealousy, vanity, impatience, the mentality of showing off and validating myself, my attachment to self-interest and fame, my sense of superiority, and the fact that I do not take criticism well.

That's why I don't look forward to it all ending soon. Instead, I try to use the limited time we have left to cultivate myself by doing the three things well. If we don't cultivate ourselves well, we won't be able to save more people, and these beings will be eliminated. If we don't fulfill our vows, we will not be able to go back to our homes. These things all go hand in hand.

Sand is sifted out over time, and what remains is gold. Whether one is sand or gold, only time will tell.