(Minghui.org) Continued from Part 1

This year's annual online China Fahui (experience-sharing conference) on Minghui.org once again gave practitioners in China an opportunity to share their stories and understandings with practitioners outside of China. This helps all practitioners to cultivate better, awaken sentient beings, and fulfill our missions.

Just as in other regions, practitioners in Australia and New Zealand said they were moved by the sincere hearts of Chinese practitioners to validate the Fa as well as their gratitude towards Master. “Although we are here in Australia, we feel we are all following the same Fa principles, and the Fa requirements for all of us are the same,” said one practitioner. She said practitioners in China have done very well in the harsh environment and she learned a lot from reading their experiences.

The Importance of Cultivating Oneself Well

Ms. Xu from New Zealand said: “From the China Fahui articles, I see that it is very important to cultivate myself well. I've gained some ideas from these articles.”

Ms. Xu said she learned a lot from the article “Cultivation Brings Great Changes to My Family”.

In this article, the author said:

“I had focused on “me” for years during cultivation. I narrowed down the meaning of cultivation. “I want to cultivate” is more important than anything else. No one could delay my cultivation and no one could affect it. I thought cultivation was the most important thing. I laid down, discarded, excluded, stayed away from, and gave up whatever interfered with my cultivation. I went to an extreme in cultivation, to the extent that even my validating the Fa was based on selfishness. That's why I always had problems.

As to my family relationships, I had never thought they had appeared for the sake of my cultivation. Their problems were all related to me. They were my mirrors. I should have looked inside to identify my problems, but I didn't cultivate myself. Their hopeless situation awakened me: I started looking inside to identify my attachments and found many of them.”

Ms. Xu said this article has helped her to change the way she educates her kids.

“Once you cultivate yourself well, you can educate your children well. I used to force my children to read the Fa and do the exercises. I expected a lot from them. Due to the attachments to them, my tone was not nice or peaceful. Not only did they not respond well, sometimes they ignored me.”

“I always thought that all I did was for their good. So, I didn't understand why they treated me like that. Later, I looked inward and found that I had a strong urge to change others and try to measure others against my own criteria. That won't do. So, I calmly shared with my kids my understanding of the reading of the Fa and doing the exercises. They also told me what they thought. We enhanced our communication. A few days later, my kids told me that they made a schedule for Fa-study and exercises. I can tell that they are trying their best to carry out the plan.”

“Through this experience, I see the power of looking inward.”

Saving People with Righteous Motivations

Ms. Wang from Melbourne started practicing in 1996. She has read every article from the China Fahui. The 79-year old printed out the articles every day and shared them with other senior practitioners who could not operate a computer.

Ms. Wang said: “Practitioners in China cultivate solidly, and actively clarify the truth. They treat cultivation seriously, especially Fa-study.”

Ms. Wang highly praised the articles. “The authors really devoted their hearts to them and are very genuine. There is no bragging in the articles. Although some of the authors didn't receive a high education, their writing is still so touching? Why? Because their hearts are pure. They assimilate to the Fa, so their experiences reveal the essence of cultivation. The sharing is really precious.”

“The articles encouraged me to do well too. I feel that the time for us to cultivate is really limited. I tried to memorize the Fa before, and now I resumed memorizing. I hope I will assimilate to the Fa through memorizing. Every day I measure myself against the Fa. If I see an attachment, I try to get rid of it right away.”

What touched Ms. Wang most is the article “87-Year Old Practitioner Clarifies the Facts Every Day”. “I am amazed how he cherishes the time and spends all his time on cultivation.”

The author said in the article: “I now help more than 10,000 people quit the Party every year, and have helped more than 110,000 in total. I go out to talk to people every morning, 365 days a year. I haven't missed a day even when it was rainy, windy, or a holiday. If I can't go in the morning, then I go out in the afternoon.”

“I try to keep my thoughts as pure and clean as possible. I don't watch TV and don't even chat with my children about everyday people's things. I get up at 3:50 a.m. to do the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts (SFRT) at 6:00 a.m. I then eat breakfast, study one lecture of Zhuan Falun and then read other lectures. At 10:00 a.m. I go out to talk to people, and I'm usually home by 3:00 p.m. I then study one or two lectures in Zhuan Falun before dinner. Afterwards, I study other lectures and listen to Minghui Radio.”

Ms. Wang said: “In the last over 10 years, I have gone to tourist spots to clarify the truth every day. However, as time went by, I slacked off in my heart. I didn't treat saving people as important as I did before. This article really touched me. If my heart is pure and my motivation for saving people is righteous, then I have the power to eliminate the bad stuff. So, it is because of my own loopholes in cultivation that sometimes I failed to help people to quit the Party.”

“Some Chinese tourists refused to listen to me or accept materials from me. The China Fahui articles have changed my attitude. As my attitude changes, their attitude changes too. They are willing to listen to me. I believe if I am really determined to save people, they will listen to whatever I say.”

Becoming a High-Level Enlightened Being

Mr. Steven Zhang from Queensland said: “The articles are high quality, and manifest the essence of cultivation and the peaceful resistance against the persecution. I was touched that many practitioners solidly cultivate in the severe environment. The article “The Safest Place Is Where We Do The Three Things Well” is the most impressive to me. I carefully read every word. There are three good points in this article:

First, the practitioners in China are really determined to save people without discrimination. They try to save everybody, including poor and rich.

Second, the author didn't blame their fellow practitioners, when they misunderstood him, or even “sold” him out. Instead, he tried to understand them, treat them with compassion, and forgave them. And then, he organized the rescue of the imprisoned fellow practitioners. This truly shows what a selfless high-enlightened being is like.

Third, the author measures himself against the Fa constantly. He tries to assimilate to the Fa, and reach the realm of an enlightened being.”

Mr. Zhang also said: In the overseas environment, we easily develop the attachment to comfort. Here, in daily cultivation, I am able to read the Fa and look inward. But when something big happens, I was not able to maintain my xinxing. I could not totally let go of myself and look inward when there was a conflict between me and fellow practitioners.”

“The Fahui articles really touched me. I learned a lot from them. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is not a slogan and I will follow these principles. Now, I try my best to let go of myself and solidly cultivate. I feel that I am walking in the right direction. I try to collaborate with the local contact person in promoting Shen Yun. I am trying to take more responsibilities, and balance the time I spend on everyday work, family, and Dafa projects.”