Imprisoned by the CCP After Supporting Its Movements

I’m in my 70s and have been a practitioner for 19 years. In the mid-1960s, I passed a test with outstanding grades and was going to study Chinese medicine in college. Soon the Cultural Revolution broke out and I joined the Red Guards. I became the leader of a pro-revolution organization. I openly beat people in the crowds during riots.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) burned the bridge after it retained power. It sentenced me to life in prison after the Cultural Revolution was over. When I served in a prison, I came across a high-level official of the Nationalist Party who was captured by the CCP. He was Chiang Kai-shek’s personal doctor with fine medicinal skills. After he learned that I was a student in medical school, he taught me everything he knew.

My life sentence was amended, and I was scheduled to be released a few years later. I was transferred to a forced labor camp where I had the freedom to come and go as I chose. I began to see patients outside. I cured a farmer who was paralyzed for years. To show his gratitude, he agreed to let me marry his daughter. After I served my sentence, I got married and officially started to practice Chinese medicine.

Validating the Fa in Detention Center

My body was injured during the violent riots during Cultural Revolution. My health worsened after being in prison for a dozen years. I became a Falun Dafa practitioner in 1998 and within a week I began to experience the symptoms of body purification. I was unable to eat and could only drink only water for a month. However, I had more energy than ever. Two months later, all my chronic ailments were gone. One time when I was doing the exercises, my body levitated off the ground. Later my Third Eye opened.

After the persecution started in 1999, many practitioners and I were detained because we planned to go to Beijing to protest. In the detention center, everyone was viciously tortured, but no one wanted to give up the practice. We continued to study the teachings, exercise, and clarify the truth. Many detainees were impressed by our courage and began to practice Falun Dafa with us. Some even risked their safety and helped practitioners pass messages or take off their torture instruments after guards left.

The practitioners requested to exercise together in an open field on Master’s birthday, May 13. The request was denied. In the morning on May 13, I started shouting “Falun Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!” I had a loud voice and when practitioners in other wards heard me, they shouted the same with me. Suddenly the detention center was in an uproar.

The guards ordered two detainees to put heavy shackles and handcuffs on me. Two strong detainees picked me up and smashed my head against the wall. Normally one’s neck would break or skull would crack under such force. They planned to kill me and claim that I committed suicide. They repeatedly smashed my head against the wall until they were short of breath. I wasn’t scared at all. To everyone’s surprise, I didn’t have a scratch on me. My head wasn’t swollen and I wasn’t dizzy. It was like nothing happened. I told the guards and detainees that Master had protected me.

My Third Eye was shut after the persecution started. After this incident, it reopened and I could see better than before.

I later became the head detainee of the ward. I demanded that everyone in the ward not engage in physical fights and canceled the “tradition” of physically abusing the newcomers. I showed everyone how to live their lives following Falun Dafa’s principles. The mighty power of Falun Dafa's teachings stopped all fights in the ward I was in from then on. I even got an award from the detention center.

The reason why I was put in the detention center was that a local CCP secretary called the police on me. Before I was locked up, I told the secretary, “There will be consequences for your wrongdoings. You will be locked up one day.” And he was detained three weeks later for accepting bribes. As soon as he was put in the detention center, the detainees in other wards viciously beat him. He was transferred to the ward where I was held. Instead of taking vengeance, I took care of him and told him not to persecute the practitioners anymore. He apologized. His crime wasn’t severe enough to warrant prison time and he went back to work. Since then he never persecuted a practitioner. He even provided Internet to help practitioners doing Dafa work.

Before my hearing, the court appointed a lawyer for me. The court-appointed lawyers often pleaded guilty for Falun Dafa practitioners due to the pressure of the persecution. So I chose to represent myself in court. I clarified the truth at the hearing and was given a 3-year sentence with four years suspension. I was released after the hearing.

I read Master’s new articles after I went home and knew the importance of Fa study. From the article “Environment” in Essentials for Further Advancement, I knew that I had to give Dafa a correct position. I began to sit in front of my clinic every day until I finished reading two chapters in Zhuan Falun. I wasn’t worried that I would be arrested and put back to the detention center for violating my probation rules. I openly told the truth of Falun Dafa to others. I wanted to let people see how the practitioners were not afraid of the CCP and would be even more steadfast as a result. I also wanted to encourage other practitioners.

Master Helps to Stop a Brainwashing Center from Being Built

The authorities built many brainwashing centers to hold practitioners during the first few years of the persecution. One day the town began to fix up a deserted nursing home with strengthened security measures. A construction worker was suspicious and told a practitioner. We later learned that the town authorities planned to use it as a new brainwashing center. We gathered everyone and sent righteous thoughts the night before the authorities planned to arrest us.

Master says in Essentials for Further Advancement II, “Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful.”

That night the clear sky suddenly became cloudy and started to rain. It poured for hours until the next day. The enormous amount of rain flooded the nursing home for three days. It was filled with mud and garbage and was ruined.

A few months later a person we knew in the government who often helped the practitioners told me that someone reported 23 practitioners to the County 610 Office. The 610 Office planned to arrest every one of them and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He suggested that I find the informer and have him retract his complaint, saying that he made a mistake.

It turned out that one of my neighbors wanted the reward for reporting practitioners to the authorities. He was able to get over 10,000 yuan for the information he gave them. I had him over to my house that night and advised him to return the money and claim that he'd made a mistake. He refused outright. I warned him that he shouldn’t be making money from persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners and that there would be severe consequences. In a week, he fainted at home and died four days later.

The day before the County 610 Office planned to arrest the 23 practitioners, the local farmers had a mass protest on the highway. A lot of police force was mobilized to suppress the protestors. At the same time, a lot of officials were transferred there to help ensure social stability. This way there wasn’t any spared manpower to arrest the practitioners and torture them.

I later told the leading authorities of the township the stories of my deceased neighbor and how the town couldn’t successfully build a brainwashing center. They were convinced and intimidated. Like Master says in “Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital,”

“...regardless of whether they have correct understandings or not, and regardless of what kinds of thoughts they have, when presented with the facts they will be convinced and they must look at things righteously.”

The authorities tried to cover up the corruption the farmers protested against. A city police chief put up a large banner in front of a building trying to frame practitioners for organizing the farmers to protest against the government. The police chief was later sentenced to death because of a corruption scandal. It was indeed karmic retribution for his wrongdoing.

Continued in Part 2