(Minghui.org) This year's annual online China Fahui (experience-sharing conference) on Minghui.org once again gave practitioners in China an opportunity to share their stories and understandings with practitioners outside of China. This helps all practitioners to cultivate better, awaken sentient beings, and fulfill our missions.

Just as in other regions, practitioners in Australia and New Zealand said they were moved by the sincere hearts of Chinese practitioners to validate the Fa as well as their gratitude towards Master. “Although we are here in Australia, we feel we are all following the same Fa principles, and the Fa requirements for all of us are the same,” said one practitioner. She said practitioners in China have done very well in the harsh environment and she learned a lot from reading their experiences.

Righteous Thoughts Come from Fa Study

Joe, a practitioner in New Zealand, said he was especially impressed for two reasons. “One is that I could see the pure heart of those practitioners. The words they used were modest, with no exaggeration. Even some practitioners who could not read in the past are now able to write very well.” He specifically mentioned the “little older lady” in “Safeguarding the Fa with Compassion and Righteous Thoughts.” “She truly cherished Dafa books and even the guards in the detention center were moved and began to help her.”

Another reason Joe was touched was because practitioners in China could remain diligent despite the severe persecution. “They were able to abide by Master Li's words all the time. But I, who live in a relatively relaxed environment, sometimes think of avoiding conflicts instead of truly cultivating myself or assimilating myself to the Fa deep in my heart.” He said that, from now on, he would devote more effort to studying and understanding the Fa and to improving himself.

Ms. Liu from Auckland, New Zealand, began to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. When the Chinese Communist Party started the persecution in 1999, she was a college student and was illegally detained. Her education was thus delayed by six months. “I have read all the China Fahui articles. What moved me the most was that the practitioners' righteous thoughts, pure thoughts, and compassion could harmonize their surroundings.

“For example, in ““Queen” of the Detention Center,” although this practitioner was in a detention center for her belief, she was not scared or intimidated. She was thinking of hiring a lawyer who would be influential—and would do it free of charge—to defend her. In the end, with her righteous thoughts, this became a reality. Plus, inside the detention center she was able to celebrate the Moon Festival to thank Master Li, which helped the other detainees think positively of Dafa.”

Ms. Liu also mentioned the “little older lady” in “Safeguarding the Fa with Compassion and Righteous Thoughts.” “In the detention center or the labor camp, this practitioner had no fear at all. Once officials took her to humiliate her in public, she instead took it as an opportunity to tell the bystanders about Falun Dafa. In the end, the guards had to give up and said respectfully, 'You got what you wanted, but we didn't.'”

Ms. Liu said after reading these articles that she now has a better understanding of righteous thoughts. “These thoughts come from the Fa. When we are able to really recognize our mission to assist Master with Fa-rectification, we will be able to understand the Fa better and gain stronger righteous thoughts.” She said that, from now on, she would put more effort into studying the Fa.

Mother and Daughter Improve Together

Jennie Chen and her daughter now live in Adelaide in South Australia. Ms. Chen said she reads the China Fahui articles every year and they help her a great deal.

In one article she read about how a mother and her son improved together. The son began to listen to Master's Fa lectures at the age of two. From the time he was a child and through his school years, everyone praised him for his kindness, good character, and academic excellence. “In the past, I sometimes wanted him to be this way or that way. Now I know that no matter where he is, I trust he will be all right because he has Falun Dafa and Master in his mind,” quoted Ms. Chen from the original article.

Ms. Chen compared this situation to herself and said she used to worry about her own daughter very much, fearing she might not be diligent. But the results were not good, and they often ended up arguing. From this article, she learned to look within and improve herself and was able to exchange ideas based on the Fa with her daughter in a compassionate manner. “Now my daughter is willing to tell me her thoughts. And she can also look inward to find her own problems,” she said.

Her daughter Katharine agreed: “Many articles brought me to tears. The experience-sharing helped me identify my own gaps.” She said that, when the persecution started, she was still in China. Although she tried, she did not do well in her cultivation. “From these articles, I could see that, young or old, these practitioners were able to follow the Fa with a clear understanding. That included letting go of fame, material interests, and sentimentality, as well as validating the Fa openly and aboveboard.” Now living in Australia in such a comfortable atmosphere, Katharine said she could no longer find excuses for herself and was determined to catch up in her cultivation.

Different Location, Same Mission

Ms. Xia, also from Adelaide, works for a news media company. “Because I am busy at work, I recently slacked off in my cultivation. After conflicts with my coworkers, I was unable to look within. The trouble got worse and worse,” she recalled.

That was when she began to read the China Fahui articles. At first, she felt down, and there seemed to be so many things to handle on a daily basis. She also found it difficult to concentrate on projects to tell people about Falun Dafa and awaken them. “As I calmed down and read the Fahui articles one by one, each of them struck me like a stick warning. They also served as mirrors, allowing me to see my own problems, attachments, and human notions.” With guilt and thankfulness, Ms. Xia said she was no longer bothered by conflicts at work.

“I also came to understand that, although we practitioners may live in different locations, our mission is the same,” she added. She is determined to do the projects she is involved with well, continue to clarify the truth to mainstream society, and cooperate with other practitioners with no gaps. In addition, she recently began to memorize the Fa like some practitioners in China have done. “Not only have I gained more understandings of the Fa, I've now found that writing articles is much easier than before.”