(Minghui.org) Ms. Yu Fuyan from Tianjin, a port city an hour’s drive from Beijing, was arrested at home on October 18, 2017. Police also ransacked her home.

Ms. Yu's attorney visited her on November 7, and Ms. Yu told him the reason for her arrest: officers had found Falun Gong informational fliers in her company's residence buildings and assumed that it was her who distributed them because she practices Falun Gong.

Ms. Yu's attorney then talked to officer Li Songlin, who is handling the case. Li first refused to provide information. After the attorney told him that it would be against the law if he refused to share information with the defendant's attorney, Li confirmed that she was arrested for distributing Falun Gong materials.

The attorney asked if Ms. Yu was seen distributing the materials. Li said that it could not be disclosed.

Thus, the attorney concluded that the police does not have concrete evidence that proves that Ms. Yu distributed the materials. He sent a request for Ms. Yu’s release to the local police station, procuratorate, and other relevant local government offices.

He argued that it was not a crime for a citizen to possess Falun Gong books or materials and that even if distributing the materials is illegal, the police could not claim that Ms. Yu is guilty simply because she practices Falun Gong.

Ms. Yu's family went to the police station on November 11 to demand her release.

Li told them that the case had moved from the police investigation stage to the lawsuit preparation stage by the procuratorate and that she would have to face a court trial.

“It's impossible for her to be released,” Li said, “Because she violated the law by practicing Falun Gong.” (Editor's note: no law in China bans the practice of Falun Gong.)

Ms. Yu's family member said, “If the procuratorate didn't take the case...” Before the family member could finish, Li interrupted, “I'll find the evidence. I'm responsible for several Falun Gong practitioners being imprisoned.”