(Minghui.org) Pingdu City Court sentenced four Falun Gong practitioners to prison with heavy fines on October 10 after Jimo City Court judges collectively withdrew from their cases.

Police from Jimo City arrested seven Falun Gong practitioners over a year ago. One of the arrested was Ms. Qiu Qinghua, who was in her seventies. Soon after her arrest, Ms. Qiu was taken to the emergency room for heart problems and was later released on bail. Ms. Li Xinlei and Ms. Huang Ruying were also released on bail.

Even though their cases were rejected by the Jimo Procuratorate multiple times for lack of evidence, the local 610 Office and police insisted on charging them with “undermining law enforcement.” Their cases were eventually moved to Pingdu City as ordered by Qingdao City Intermediate People's Court.

Pingdu City Court held a hearing for the seven practitioners on July 13 this year; another hearing was held for Ms. Qiu Qinghua alone on September 6.

Details of sentencing:
Ms. Li Honglei: sentenced to 4 years, fined 40,000 yuan
Ms. Qiu Qinghua (Ms. Li Honglei's mother-in-law): sentenced to 3 years, fined 40,000 yuan
Mr. Xu Jianxun (Ms. Qiu's son-in-law): sentenced to 14 months, already released from Pudong Detention Center
Ms. Li Xinlei (Ms. Li Honglei's sister): exempt from criminal penalties
Ms. Huang Ruying (Ms. Li Honglei's daughter), exempt from criminal penalties
Mr. Wang Zhongyu: sentenced to 15 months, fined 20,000 yuan
Mr. Zhang Pengwei: released after being detained over a year, exempted from criminal charges

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