(Minghui.org) Police in Jimo, Shandong Province raided the home of Ms. Qiu Qinghua, 70, in early June and took 37,000 yuan in cash after arresting her and her daughter-in-law Li Honglei for practicing Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime.

After her release, Ms. Qiu went to the police station to get her money back and to seek the release of her daughter-in-law. She was yelled at and kicked out of the station.

Her daughter-in-law, Ms. Li, was visiting the family of Ms. Sun Shuqing on June 5, 2016, when Ms. Sun's husband reported her to the police. Officers from Tongji Police Station arrived at the family's home and arrested Ms. Li.

Ms. Li's daughter Huang Ruying rushed home when she heard of her mother's arrest. The daughter was also arrested by the police officers who were ransacking their home at the time.

Ms. Li's husband and Ms. Qiu went the police station that evening to inquire about Ms. Li; the two were detained.

Ms. Qiu was transferred to Pudong Town Detention Center on July 7. Two days later, she was taken to the emergency room, exhibiting symptoms of a severe heart problem. She was later taken home.

Ms. Qiu arrived home to find many things missing from her home, including 37,000 yuan in cash (~$5,600 USD). Due to her weak physical condition, she was unable to go to the police station to inquire about her money for almost three weeks.

Ms. Qiu, accompanied by her 80-year-old sister, went to the police station to seek the release of her daughter-in-law and the return of her money on July 25. The deputy director, surnamed Miao, said the money had already been submitted to the procuratorate. He later yelled at the two elderly women and kicked them out of the station.

Ms. Li is currently detained at Pudong Town Detention Center. Her arrest was approved on July 13, 2016.