(Minghui.org) Gansu Women's Prison is notorious for torturing Falun Gong practitioners for refusing to renounce their faith.

Ms. Wan Liqian Sentenced to Five Years for Her Faith

Prison officials have denied family visits for Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Liqian since her arrival at Gansu Women's Prison.

It was recently reported that Ms. Wang was tortured after she was taken to the prison in December 2016 to serve a five-year unlawful sentence for her belief. The prison guards shocked her face with electric batons for a long time, severely burning and disfiguring her face.

Electric batons are a very common torture tool used by guards at Gansu Women's Prison on Falun Gong practitioners who resist the persecution and refuse to renounce their belief.

Ms. Liu Wanqiu Tortured

Ms. Liu Wanqiu is another practitioner who was tortured with electric batons.

She was taken to the prison on May 11, 2017. When Ms. Liu protested her illegal detention by refusing to wear a prison jumpsuit on the day of her arrival, the guards dragged her into a room without surveillance cameras. They tortured her with electric batons for several hours. Her entire face was burnt, her lips swollen to the extent that she could not close her mouth, and her neck was mutilated.

In order to force her to “admit guilt,” the guards shocked Ms. Liu with electric batons each day – about once every five minutes. When she still did not give in, they even inserted the batons into her mouth and shocked her. Her mouth was badly blistered. Then the guards forcibly administered unknown drugs.

The guards tortured Ms. Liu further by denying her use of the restroom, forcing her to relieve herself in her pants. Then they tied her to a bed in the spread eagle position, leaving her soaked in excrement and urine. After a period of time, her lower body and buttocks became inflamed and infected.

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