(Minghui.org) Over 40 Falun Gong practitioners are detained in the Gansu Women's Prison. They are subject to beatings and other tortures daily. Screaming can often be heard from different cells. These practitioners are tortured for not complying with “transformation” and refusing to abandon their beliefs.

Ms. Lu Yueling (芦月玲) had her right leg bone fractured. After the prison-affiliated Kangtai Hospital rejected Ms. Lu due to her critical condition, the prison forced her family to sign paperwork to forgo rights to any medical expense reimbursement from the prison as the condition for medical parole.

Ms. Chen Jie (陈洁)'s family was finally able to meet with her after reasoning with the prison and Gansu Bureau of Prisons multiple times. The saw that her face and arms were deformed. Ms. Chen didn't tell her family what happened to her, but simply cried throughout the visitation. A prison guard threatened the family, implying that she would be further tortured if they went to the Bureau of Prisons for help again.

Ms. Lu Guihua (吕桂花) from Dunhuang City has become disabled and mentally disoriented due to severe beatings. She is being held at the Kangtai Hospital.

Ms. Lu Yueling

Ms. Lu Yueling's right arm and right thigh bones were fractured as a result of being beaten by inmates when detained for three months in the Gansu Women's Prison.

The prison authorities tried to force Ms. Lu to watch videos daily that slandered Falun Gong, recite the prison's regulations, and write “thought reports” that require practitioners to slander Falun Gong and its founder. When she refused to comply, she was brutally beaten.

On July 4, Liu Shuping (刘淑萍), an inmate assigned to monitor Ms. Lu, kicked Ms. Lu's back and made her fall. Liu then forced her to stand up, but Ms. Lu was unable to. Liu then kicked and punched her until she realized that Ms. Lu was seriously injured and couldn't move. The prison guards took Ms. Lu to the Kangtai Hospital, but the doctor refused to accept her as her injuries were too serious, and they didn't want to bear any responsibility if she died.

Ms. Lu Yueling hospitalized

Ms. Lu wasn't able to look after herself and needed special care. The prison authorities neither wanted to pay the medical fees for her, nor send someone to care for her. They told Ms. Lu's family to take her home. But, the precondition of Ms. Lu's release was that they would not tell people that Ms. Lu had sustained these injuries from beatings. In addition, they demanded that Ms. Lu's family forgo the rights to claim any medical expense reimbursement from the prison. Ms. Lu's family saw no way out and thus signed the agreement.

When Ms. Lu's family went to the prison to meet her, they saw that her broken right arm was fixed with a wooden board and there was a bruise on her face. After another hospital exam, the doctor found that the femur head of Ms. Lu's right leg was also fractured.

Ms. Chen Jie

Ms. Chen Jie from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, was sentenced to five years in Lanzhou Women's Prison on September 23, 2013. She was transferred to the prison on April 8, 2014. Her family was refused visitation rights.

Her family then went to the Gansu Bureau of Prisons and asked for help. When her family finally met her, they noticed that Ms. Chen's face and arms were deformed. They then asked her some questions, but she didn't answer any of them, and just kept crying.

Ms. Chen's family went to see her again at the beginning of July 2014. Prison guard Xiao Jin threatened them, saying, “You even dared to visit the Bureau of Prisons. If you continue to do that, you will bring disadvantage to Chen Jie.”

Ms. Chen told her family that her lower back and legs were in great pain and she was unable to get in and out of bed on her own due to brutal beatings by inmate Ma Yaqin (马雅琴), who is a drug addict.

Ms. Chen's family went to see the chief of the Bureau of Prisons, surnamed Guo, and reported Ms. Chen's situation, requesting that they resolve it. However, Guo demanded the guards check Ms. Chen's family's identification cards and was harsh toward Ms. Chen's 88-year-old parent.

Other Cases

Ms. Han Zhongcui was beaten and seriously injured, and was later taken to the hospital for treatment. Her family has not been allowed to visit her since February 2014.

A prison guard instigated inmate Chen Liping to beat Ms. Sheng Chunmei and force her to stand still for long periods of time. Ms. Sheng is over 60 years old.

Ms. Lu Yingxia from Qingyang City in Gansu Province is also being tortured. She is suffering brutal beatings, and has been forced to stand for long periods of time in attempt to get her to renounce her belief.

Parties responsible for the persecution of the above-mentioned practitioners:

Wan Zhigui (万治贵), deputy chief of judicial department in Gansu Province: +86-931-8736526, +86-13919858899 (Cell)Liang Yijian (梁仪坚), political commissar of the judicial department in Gansu Province: +86-931-8735366, +86-13609368660 (Cell)Liu Yan (刘琰), deputy director at the Gansu Prison Management Bureau: +86-931-8735688, +86-13993166922 (Cell)Gan Yumei (干玉梅) director of the Gansu Prison: +86-13919199196 (Cell), +86-931-8333502Zhao Chunyan (赵春燕), deputy director of the Gansu Prison: +86-13919198389 (Cell)