(Minghui.org) Master teaches us,

“Group Fa study is what I left for everyone, and group exercise is what I left for everyone. Other than in situations of severe persecution, it should be done this way in other areas outside mainland China. There is no reason not to do it, as it relates to the issue of the future humans obtaining the Fa and cultivating. Therefore, group exercise and group Fa study is not something you can do without.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1996, but only in 1999 did I join a Fa-study group to take part in group exercise. After the persecution started, I lost the environment of group Fa-study and exercise. I have practiced Dafa for 21 years, and during this time I have experienced both peaceful and tense/horrible environments. But I have never doubted Dafa.

Since the persecution started in July 1999, I have continued to study Dafa and look within so as to remove any thought not in accordance with Dafa. When I had a chance to join a Fa-study group, fellow practitioners helped me to correct my behavior that didn’t respect Master and the Fa. They also helped me to find and remove various human attachments.

Learning to Respect Master and the Fa

Since childhood I have always had the habit of reading in bed, or while reclining on a sofa. After the persecution started, I became separated from the Fa-study group. I began going to the home of veteran practitioners to read Master’s new articles and e-books. Later, I joined a Fa-study group in August 2016. However, within less than a month, the group coordinator sold the property, and I had to study the Fa on my own.

Every day I was looking forward to joining a new Fa-study group. In March 2017, when a female practitioner offered my granddaughter an amulet, I had another chance to join a Fa-study group. As I must look after my granddaughter, I more often listened to Master’s Fa teaching, rather than read Master’s books. So I didn't read fluently in Fa-study, nor did I sit properly. I could only cross my legs for a short time. Fellow practitioners pointed out those inadequacies, and I corrected them accordingly. Every day we read three lectures and almost everyone could cross their legs and hold the book with both hands. I admired them and made my mind up to catch up.

When I showed admiration to fellow practitioners, a practitioner sincerely told me that Master taught us,

“Sitting with the legs crossed also dissolves karma. "Temper the mind and will," "toil the body"...” (“Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun” from Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa)

Master also said,

“Crossing your legs when you are reading the book will, for one, enable you to practice crossing the legs more; and secondly, it will amount to doing the [meditation] exercise. This is very good.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Houston)

Upon hearing this, I was deeply shocked in my heart. After understanding the principle, I also kept crossing my legs and holding the book with both hands. I was soon able to study this way for an hour, which allowed me to increase and enhance my stamina.

Group Fa-Study Helped Me to Enhance My Righteous Thoughts and Compassion

During a few months of attending group Fa-study, I passed a few cultivation tests. First was that my father was hospitalized due to cerebral infarction. Then he was found to have colon cancer and an operation was scheduled afterward. I was busy dealing with those affairs and had no time to do Fa-study and the exercises. In addition, I had to care for my granddaughter who was less than three-years-old. With fewer times sending forth righteous thoughts, my body was persecuted by the evil forces. After working all day I felt exhausted. My granddaughter also stayed with me 24 hours a day. Sometimes my daughter-in-law did not even come home after work.

In Fa-study I read that Master said, “...aren’t they doing this to wear you down?”(The Sixth Talk from Zhuan Falun)

I immediately called my son and asked the couple to rent a property for themselves. I knew I must concentrate on my cultivation. As my righteous thoughts came out, my dimension became bright immediately. I suddenly could send forth righteous thoughts on time and do the exercises. I must use all of my time possible for cultivating.

Deeply Buried Attachments Found During Group Fa-Study

Through group Fa study, I understood that others acted as a mirror and reflected my inner thoughts and attachments. In our Fa-study group, we studied together and shared with one another, during which various human attachments could arise. When someone had problems, I offered my help enthusiastically. On one occasion the person I helped said that my help was not very adequate. I felt really wronged.

In the group, I pointed out the mistake of a practitioner face to face, and she became upset with me right away. She sent me away and didn't allow me to come to group study again. I told her that she didn't do real cultivation because she was not truthful, compassionate, or tolerant, and that she was poisoned deeply by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture. When I asked her to see whether it was her true self or her false self that was talking and speaking, she stopped crying and screaming. I discovered many of my attachments—jealousy, showing off, fear of being criticized by others, fear of being looked down on, and others. With so many human attachments, how could I go home with Master?

After that, I started to cross my legs in Fa-study. When I understood a layer of the Fa principle, my body would feel a shake. As I continued to study the Fa, I continued to feel a shake. My body and my state of mind changed a lot and fellow practitioners said that my cultivation improved very quickly.

During the group Fa-study, we shared many cultivation experience essays published on Minghui. I cannot be left out and must do the three things well! I am grateful to great Master for offering disciples an environment such as group Fa-study. I am grateful to Master for saving us!