(Minghui.org) I met with a fellow cultivator, Hui [alias], to discuss the statements of defense prepared by her parents’ legal representative. Hui’s parents were persecuted by the Chinese Communist regime for their belief in Falun Dafa. Two other cultivators went with me to see Hui. However, Hui left our meeting in a hurry after just a few words with us.

I sensed that Hui was acting rather passively on the issue of her parents’ persecution and it would be necessary to have a sharing experience based upon the Fa with her. In addition, Hui once mentioned concerns to me regarding some hearsay about one of the practitioners who accompanied me. I thought the quick departure of Hui was related to the involvement of this practitioner. Therefore, I did not invite this practitioner to come with me to my next meeting with Hui.

Recently, I had studied the Fa quite a lot and felt that Master enlightened me on many issues. I was particularly enlightened on the issue of how to regard persecution. I shared my understandings with Hui regarding her parents’ persecution. After my eloquent speech, Hui shared her understandings and I learned of some hidden issues regarding her parents’ persecution.

I also noticed that Hui had improved her xinxing around this issue. Also, I was able to see my own attachments. I was concerned about Hui and I trusted my understandings as correct and felt she should agree with me. In the meantime, I realized that I was too involved in this matter. In fact, each fellow cultivator has Master to look after him/her. What really made the difference is Master and Dafa.

I asked Hui why she left in such a hurry last time when we met with the other two practitioners. She said that it was because she had a meeting to attend and she was not able to delay it. I realized that my incorrect notions had interfered with my understanding of the last meeting with Hui.

Hui also mentioned that she had enlightened to the need to abandon the emotional attachments to her parents and continue to do the things that she should do. My thought was that other people had already let go of their attachments. It was my own attachment that was still clinging to me.

When I thought about that, all of a sudden, “the sky turned blue.” It was that fast and magic! It was incredible. At that moment, one sentence of Master’s Fa pushed into my brain:

“Their notions changedDecayed matter is removedThe brilliant light shines.”(“New Life” from Hong Yin)