(Minghui.org) I am a high school student. My father is a Falun Dafa practitioner. When I was young, my father always talked to me about the beauty and goodness of Falun Dafa, so I understood some simple Falun Dafa principles and had developed certain yearnings for Dafa.

Last spring I felt some abnormal changes in my body.

My dorm and classroom are both on the fourth floor. I began to experience difficulty climbing the stairs. I thought perhaps I needed to eat more nutritional foods and so didn’t pay it much mind.

In my school, we have to run two laps around the school yard whenever we have long recesses. Normally, that was not a problem. But since May, after the run, my legs would feel weak. Several times, I almost fell.

As the days started to get hotter, the school reduced the run to one lap. But I still couldn’t get up enough stamina. Many a time, I needed encouragement and even help from my classmates in order to finish the lap.

I became a little worried but was still not too concerned.

When summer vacation started, my condition got progressively worse. Both my legs felt tired and heavy. If I tried to walk faster, one of my legs would just buckle under me. That went on for several days. I was reaching a breaking point.

I finally told my parents. They just thought it was the hot weather that was making me feel weak and lethargic.

A month went by. Fear grabbed hold of me and increased by the day. Finally, my father took me to the hospital but every test came back normal.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps it was really my mind playing tricks on me.

By the end of summer vacation, I discovered I was having problems chewing, and sometimes, my hands could not pick up a ladle or peel an orange.

At the end of my summer vacation in August, I returned to school and my parents helped me move back to my dorm.

My father carried a few heavy items and seemed to fly up the stairs; my mother’s hands were not empty either and maneuvered the four flights with no apparent problem; while I only had my rather heavy book bag but found I needed to hang on to the railings and pull myself up step by difficult step.

If it was hard going upstairs, it was harder going down. I fell twice that day for no apparent reason.

When I went downstairs for breakfast the next day, I found my legs weak and shaking. I also fell several times before reaching the dining hall.

It was the same at lunch time. There were many fellow students en route to their noontime meal and all bore witness to my clumsy falls.

I went home two days later.

My parents took me to a reputable hospital the next day. With luck, we ran into a highly experienced doctor. The initial diagnosis was myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease.

As a 17-year-old young lady with no history of much sickness, that piece of news was a thunderbolt coming from left field. I would never have imagined that my condition was so serious.

I was admitted to the neurology ward the following day. An EEG was done on me but the result was normal. The next day, blood was drawn, and urine and fecal samples were collected. Then an EMG was done.

The EMG was an extremely painful process. The doctor, wanting to be perfectly certain, did the procedure more than once.

In addition, he called in another doctor for confirmation and further analysis. They ended up giving me a CT scan, which bore out the original diagnosis of myasthenia gravis.

That same afternoon, I was given three intravenous infusions.

According to medical science, the infusions are quite detrimental to the stomach and should not be administered for more than seven days. I also had to take many other medications throughout the day.

In the hospital, I spent my days eating and sleeping. My appetite increased exponentially but my strength continued to ebb and I could only walk a very short distance. I then experienced severe dizziness.

On my second day in the hospital, my father started saying perhaps I should check out Falun Dafa. He downloaded Master’s lectures onto my cell phone and gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun.

However, at the time, even though I was willing, I wasn’t quite ready, and the hospital environment was not conducive to studying the Fa or learning the exercises.

So, after some exchanges with fellow practitioners, my father decided I had to leave the hospital as soon as I could.

I had been in the hospital for seven days and had had 21 intravenous injections but there was no sign of improvement.

On top of that, for seven straight days, I had dizzy spells, something that had never happened before. So my father took me home with a large supply of drugs.

As soon as we got home, my father let me listen to Master’s lectures. I forced myself to finish watching the first two lectures even though I could barely keep my eyes open.

I was home for three days and didn’t take any medicine except for some calcium tablets.

My mother was upset because she thought my father would not let me take the medicine, although he never forbid me from taking them.

In fact, my father had urged me to take the pyridostigmine bromide tablets because those are not harmful to the body.

But I had refused. I thought, “You don’t take medicine when you're sick because cultivators have no sickness but are merely overcoming tribulations or eliminating karma. I am a cultivator now. So why would I take any medication?”

My strength still did not return. When I sat down on a chair and wanted to get up, I would have to use both hands to brace myself against the armrests before I could pull myself up with much effort.

My mouth then became stiff all of a sudden. I couldn’t even smile anymore. If I tried to smile, my face would look ugly and distorted.

Nevertheless, I watched two Master’s videotape lectures every day, so by the fifth day at home, I had finished all nine lectures.

My father was in eager anticipation. He said, “Normally, by the fourth lecture, the body will have reactions.”

I said, “I have no reaction and no feeling. I’m still weak and have no energy.”

However, I was not at all surprised. I said to myself, “How can there be any change when my heart was not in the lectures? How can Master do anything for me?”

After the videotapes, I took up the book Zhuan Falun. In the beginning there was a lot of interference. With my father’s help, I finished the first two lectures. When I started on the third lecture, the interference grew less.

I sat in the double lotus position two days later, picked up Zhuan Falun, and started reading the fourth lecture.

In the past, I had copied my father and learned to sit in the double lotus. At that time, I could sit for 45 minutes and only felt a little pain.

That day, the pain started early on and persisted. It was also a strange kind of pain. I could feel it concentrated on certain areas. It was a burning sensation.

It slowly got worse. I felt as if needles were stabbing me. The pain came, non-stop, wave after wave. It was almost unbearable.

My tears fell involuntarily. I cried out but held onto the Dafa book and continued reading out loud.

I was in great pain but I was happy because my father told me it was a good sign. It showed that Master was beginning to purify my body.

From that day on, every time I did the exercises, I would sweat profusely.

The first and fourth exercises gave me little trouble, but the second and third exercises could only be done with much effort. And so, day after day, I continued to study Falun Dafa and do the exercises.

After a while I could do all the exercises with ease. And with that, my health was completely restored!

My parents cried with excitement and gratitude.What an incredibly amazing miracle!

When I returned to school the next day, I was a new person. Everything was back to normal. I have no more problem going up and down those multiple flights of stairs.

I have just started cultivation practice and my understanding of Dafa is still very superficial, but in my heart I know I am one lucky person to have the great good fortune of becoming a Falun Dafa practitioner.

I hope more and more people with a predestined relationship can come into Dafa and embrace the tremendous blessings of this grand practice!