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I’d like to share my understanding of the subordinate soul [Editor’s note: which is also translated as assistant consciousness, assistant spirit, assistant soul, and subconsciousness in various Fa lectures] in this 7-part series.

I have personally experienced various forms of interference that my subordinate soul imposed on my master soul [Editor’s note: which is also translated as main consciousness, main soul, and main spirit]. I have also witnessed some local practitioners being persecuted by their subordinate souls.

I write down what happened to me and a few of my local practitioners to serve as a reminder to everyone to be aware of hidden interference from subordinate souls.

Of course, I can only see the things shown to me at my level, and they are by no means the whole truth.

Practitioners should be guided only by the Fa—the truth of the vast universe—and not by the understanding or experience of another cultivator.

Sabotaged by the Subordinate Soul

When fellow practitioners A and B and I shared experiences, A said that he could not concentrate on Fa study and the exercises. He believed that the root cause were the attachments he had not yet eliminated. B and I had experienced the same situation at times. Besides, we sometimes held bad thoughts, and some were very stubborn.

We decided to send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the degenerate substances. A told us, “I saw another me, who opened a door, let out some bad substances, and told them to hide and come back later.” We were shocked after we heard what A saw.

I initially thought it was a being composed of karma. However, B thought otherwise, because our righteous thoughts should have eliminated the karma. After studying the Fa we discussed the issue and agreed that it was a subordinate soul, because subordinate souls look exactly like us.

Master said,

“The 'master soul' we talk about here refers to a human being’s own mind, you need to know what you’re thinking about and what you’re doing, and that is your real self. Now as for what your subordinate soul does, you really have no clue. He was born at the same time as you, has the same name, controls the same body, and looks the same as you, but strictly speaking, though, he’s not you.” (Zhuan Falun)

We were surprised that A's subordinate soul appeared to be protecting the evil. Also, this must not have been the first time the subordinate soul has interfered with A. We wondered as to what on earth it had done all these past years.

We wondered if the subordinate souls of other practitioners had done the same thing, but had not been caught. Why did the subordinate souls do that?

Subordinate Souls Refuse to Accept the New Reality

We again discussed this issue and developed an understanding of the situation. Past cultivation practices all focused on cultivation of the subordinate souls, which used practitioners’ master souls and flesh bodies as vehicles. The vehicles, however, were formed by the old forces and used to serve their ends.

However, Master arranged for the Dafa cultivation mechanism to save the master soul. The master soul became the master, and the subordinate souls were assigned to protect them. Master rearranged past cultivation methods, which deviated from Dafa, perfected the cultivation mechanism, and made new rules! Those who used to be the vehicles had now become the masters.

Some subordinate souls assimilated to the Fa and helped the master souls. However, many subordinate souls and beings related to them appear to dislike the new reality. Limited by their characteristics and wisdom, it seems they do not know the true origin of the master souls. Thus, they wanted to keep the old status quo.

Interference and Persecution

Since the subordinate souls do not enter the three realms, they saw that the master souls were given unprecedented blessings. Some subordinate souls became jealous and dissatisfied with their subordinate role.

These subordinate souls appear to detest the master soul, especially since they can see the wrongdoings committed by the master soul, because the subordinate souls do not live in delusion. Besides, they know the master souls' attachments inside out. They test the master souls with the excuse that they have to meet Master's requirements. However, they are not helping; instead, they run interference and persecute the master soul.

The subordinate souls can borrow energy and abilities from enlightened beings. If they decide to cause interference, they most likely are playing a negative role.

They have caused much interference with our Fa-rectification projects, distracting us from Fa study and sending righteous thoughts. They also create the false appearance of illness when we cannot pass their tests or fail to let go of attachments.

Refusing to Accept Opportunities

Master has given the old forces and all beings under their control, including the subordinate souls, plenty of opportunities to assimilate to the new reality. However, these beings have failed to correct themselves.

Master said,

“They've made what they want their first priority, instead of making my objective of the Fa-rectification the number one need.” (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

“I have always said that the old forces' participation is a form of persecution and a form of interference. If what gods in the past saved were people's assistant souls and not their actual main bodies, then think about it everyone, would that method of saving people work for Dafa disciples' cultivation today? The main bodies of Dafa disciples, as well as those of the world's people, are at the surface.” (Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York)

“But as the situation currently stands, the cosmos's old, final factors are still interfering with what is wanted and what needs to be established for the future.” ('Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference V)

Removal of Subordinate Soul

“I absolutely don't want to keep any degenerated substance,” said practitioner A. “The one who protected the evil entities is harming me. A corrupt subordinate soul should be eliminated.” Thus, we sent forth righteous thoughts with a clear target in mind.

Practitioner A’s subordinate soul appeared before me when we were sending forth righteous thoughts.

“You are the worst,” it said. “You always mind others' business. I know your past lives. I was the one who created the trouble you had a few days ago.”

I told him, “You have heard Master's teaching, but you have chosen to protect the evil, sabotage A's righteous faith, and cause trouble for us. Your crimes won't be forgiven if you don't correct yourself!”

At that moment, a lock appeared in the sky. A group of righteous gods arrested the subordinate soul and put him into the lock.

A huge world was inside the lock, and I perceived an auto-rotating mechanism that tore off bad substances, layer by layer, from A's subordinate soul.

Unfortunately, A could concentrate for only a few days, and then it was again difficult to study the Fa and do the exercises. We wondered why, and decided to send forth righteous thoughts.

I saw another of A’s subordinate souls open many doors and let out many bad substances and deformed beings.

Then, that subordinate soul held a white flag in his hand, as if he wanted to surrender. However, when he passed me, he lifted his head, opened his mouth and wanted to bite me, but my divine powers blocked him. The righteous gods arrested the subordinate soul, tied him to a pillar in heaven, and whipped and shocked him. Degenerate substances came out of his body.


All the punishments in the realm of gods aim to eliminate karma. The purpose is not to destroy the subordinate soul, but to give it a fresh opportunity.

Since we have multiple subordinate souls, it's hard to say which subordinate soul did what bad things in which period of time. They interfere with our righteous faith and cause trouble. They also may have signed agreements with the old forces.

However, I am certain that they are playing negative roles under the control of certain mechanisms from higher up.

Since this is the Fa-rectification period, all beings' behaviors are being evaluated. As Dafa disciples, we have to keep the good and eliminate the bad, in order to help Master with his Fa-rectification.

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