(Minghui.org) After attending the 2016 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference on October 6 in Munich, Germany, several practitioners said they benefited from the conference and gained new insight from the speeches presented by their fellow practitioners.

Immersed in Compassion

Klra, a retired personal consultant from Norway, is in her late 60s. When reading an article in 2002 about Falun Dafa, she was moved. “My instinct told me that this was what I had been looking for—it was my destiny,” she explained.

At lunch break during the conference, she said tearfully, “This is the best experience-sharing conference I have ever attended. Every one is speaking from their heart. I am deeply touched.”

Klra, a retired personal consultant from Norway, said, “Every one is speaking from their heart,” at the conference.

Klra said she is happy to hear the greetings from Master to the conference.

She was struck by the words:

“What a cultivator cultivates is none other than him or herself. The outside pressures that Dafa disciples face are tests as well as opportunities to be more diligent, while the internal conflicts and pressures among Dafa disciples are, likewise, tests and opportunities to be more diligent.” (“A Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Europe”)

Looking back over more than 10 years of cultivation practice, she said sometimes she did well and sometimes not. “Nonetheless, Master's words made me feel immersed in compassion. I will continue to do my best and let go of attachments.”

Encouraged by Master Li's Greeting

Constantine, 54, is a high school art teacher in southern Germany. “What these practitioners have described helped me to see where I can do better. Most importantly, I could feel that Master cares about all of us and is looking after each one of us. The greeting from Master went deep in my heart as if he is directly speaking to me and encouraging me.”

She had not heard about Falun Dafa until four years ago. Before then she planned to practice some qigong systems, but none of them worked out. She came across practitioners doing Falun Dafa exercises in a park, and tried out the movements. “Within several minutes, I felt this was truly wonderful,” she recalled.

Constantine said she is fortunate to become a practitioner and benefit from Falun Dafa.

Through reading Zhuan Falun and other teachings, Constantine said Falun Dafa helps one return to one's true self. “It guides us in our lives, to purify ourselves and become a better person,” she said.

Happiness and Gratitude

Raymond from Latvia started to practice Falun Dafa two years ago and this is the second year he attended the European Experience-Sharing Conference. “Compared to last year, I know I have made some progress. The conference today and the greetings from Master Li filled me with happiness and gratitude,” he said.

Raymond from Latvia said he always learns a lot from experience-sharing conferences.

Having participated the activities in the past few days that raised awareness of the suppression in China, Raymond said the conference helped him understand cultivation practice and how to improve xinxing. “This is like a pure land and I know I have to do my best while telling others about Falun Dafa,” he added.


Petrick from England spoke at the conference on how he reached out to the European Parliament, calling for help to stop organ harvesting from living Falun Dafa practitioners in China.

He said discussing with other practitioners and learning from each other is part of his cultivation.

British practitioner Petrick said discussing with other practitioners and learning from each other is part of his cultivation.