(Minghui.org) Recently four Falun Gong practitioners and their lawyers were notified of the dates for their court hearing. The four are among ten who are still detained for their faith. They were taken by police in late April and early May.

Ms. Tan Fengyun is scheduled to face trial on November 24; Ms. Yu Guihua is scheduled to appear in court on November 23; Ms. Wu Xuzhu is scheduled for November 28; and Ms. Wang Jing's court hearing is on November 29.

According to the practitioners' lawyers and families, the health of some detained practitioners continues to deteriorate.

1. Ms. Wu Xuzhu

Ms. Wu’s attorney, Mr. Wang Lie, went to the Taoshan District Court and reviewed her case file on November 10. He then visited her at the detention center that afternoon.

Ms. Wu reportedly fainted after her visit with the lawyer. She had been complaining to prison officials that she frequently feels an irregular heartbeat and pain in the chest. She also told her family that she was taken to a hospital in June and had an ECG, but was not told of the result.

Ms. Wu had filed a complaint against the prison officials for negligence. Her complaint claimed that the prison violated criminal procedure law and regulations regarding basic food and health standards for detainees.

2. Ms. Yu Guihua

Mr. Wang Lei also represents Ms. Yu and tried to visit her at the detention center on November 11. At first, the officer refused to let him see her because Mr. Wang had seen another client the day before. After much negotiation and insisting on his right to represent his client, Mr. Wang was finally allowed to see Ms. Yu an hour later.

3. Ms. Zhang Guirong

Mr. Li Ming, Ms. Zhang's lawyer, reviewed her case file on November 11. He then visited her at the detention center that afternoon. He also filed a criminal report on her behalf, along with witness reports from Ms. Zhang's family, which claimed that the police stole 10,000 yuan and a bank card during her arrest.

4. Ms. Wang Yuanju

Ms. Wang told her family that she coughs all night long and is unable to sleep. She also finds it difficult to breathe and sometimes shakes uncontrollably. When her family tried to contact the director of the detention center, they were ignored. Her family is very concerned about her condition.

5. Ms. Wang Jing

Ms. Wang Jing's son received a phone call from the detention center on November 15 telling him that his mother's blood pressure was over 200 again. The family was told that the detention center had reported Ms. Wang's health condition to the police department and the local 610 Office twice, stating that her condition was not suitable for detainment, but authorities have refused to release her on medical parole. When Wang's lawyer questioned the judge regarding her request, he was told that the court had not received such reports.