(Minghui.org) I’d like to share some understandings on the attachment to vanity.

As I see it, vanity is a feeling of superficial glory or pride. It is a human notion that we have for the purpose of gaining undeserved reputation and honor. From what I can see, vanity exists in many practitioners.

For example, we often spare no effort in making sure that others know our strengths. On the other hand, we’d do anything to cover up or minimize our shortcomings. We didn't behave any differently than others when we were in prison for our faith. When we got out, we played up our experience in the prison as heroic and spoke about our righteous acts that helped us get out of the place.

In the movement of suing Jiang Zemin, we told people how we were going to do this in a very righteous way, yet some of us refused to use our real names or give specific details.

We like to visit other practitioners a lot. Everywhere we went, we bragged about how many things we did and how much information we obtained. We sought praise and reputation among practitioners.

The truth is, what a person says is a reflection of his character and moral level.

When we work, we need to give it our best, be honest, practical, and work hard. When we interact with people, we need to be humble and not exaggerate. Being humble and low-key are characteristic of a virtuous, knowledgeable person, while showing off and boasting are things that an insecure, shallow person would do.

If a gorgeous-looking person acts like he/she isn't aware of or concerned about how good he/she looks; if a highly talented person contributes to the public good quietly without fanfare, they are well-cultivated and morally sound people. When a person can't stop talking about himself and is constantly bragging, even if he is truly talented, the talent will be overshadowed by his intent to show off.

As Falun Dafa practitioners, we have advantages that no one else has, but we should have the attitude of a nobody. As we help Teacher rectify the Fa, we help shape what it means to be a highly virtuous person. We live in an extraordinary time of history, and countless beings in the universe are watching closely our every thought. With everyone looking, is there still the need to brag and show off?