(Minghui.org) After reading the article Avoid Admiration and Over-reliance on Fellow Practitioners published on the Minghui website on November 2, 2016, I felt just like the author.

During my 20 years of cultivation, I have done things that were well known among practitioners in many areas. As a result, some practitioners treated me differently due to attachments.

Admiration and Over-reliance

When I met up with fellow practitioners, I saw admiration and over-reliance toward me with my celestial eye. Some practitioners wanted to use my abilities to solve their problems instead of trying to get rid of their attachments. But, I refused to do anything which was not in line with the Fa.

They changed their attitude once they realized that they could not achieve their goals. They spread rumors about me out of anger and jealousy and instigated conflicts between me and other practitioners. It was as if they wanted to destroy me.

I was really sad and upset at first, since I did not understand why a practitioner would behave that way. By studying the Fa, I realized that elevation on the Fa was essential for everything we encounter. It did not matter if others were not in line with the Fa. It was up to us to handle issues with righteous minds.

Looking Inward

First, I looked inward for my own attachments. When others showed their admiration and over-reliance, I checked myself to see if I had the attachments of pursuing fame and controlling things. When some were jealous, I checked if I had the attachment to showing off and made others uncomfortable.

Every conflict had to be looked at from more than one angle. Did I have an attachment that I needed to get rid of? When others were not in line with the Fa, why did I witness it? Was it because my unclean dimensional field attracted them? I should not blame other practitioners when I run into conflicts.

Face Saving Issues

I always tried to extend a hand to practitioners experiencing tribulations, but this could be interference sometimes. Once I realized this, I asked them to study the Fa whenever they told me about their problems. Many problems were resolved after Fa study, and we all improved together.

Once, several practitioners came to my home. It was a good chance to share our experience on the Fa, but they kept talking about everyday people's affairs. Three hours passed, and I was unable to redirect the conversation.

Sometimes practitioners called me but talked about irrelevant things for a long time. I later realized that I should not blame others. I needed to say no, instead of trying to save face and avoid potential conflict. I should learn to face practitioners' interference righteously.

Whenever I ran into such situations, I reminded practitioners to treasure the time we had together and study the Fa.

Conflicts Grow When We Start Blaming Others

I also firmly rejected any request which was not on the Fa. Once, a practitioner was arrested, and his family wrote a letter to an official. They asked me to input the letter onto the computer, but the letter contained content that praised the Communist Party. I refused to type it for that reason, and they were really upset about this.

Another time, a practitioner wanted to set up a large material production site and asked me to help buy industrial size equipment. I read articles on the Minghui website which encouraged small material production sites instead of large ones, so I declined to help. He was not happy about this.

Although we are all Dafa practitioners, each of us has his or her own understanding of the Fa and we are in different cultivation states.

When practitioners meet or when we work on something together, some unpleasant events could surface. When this happens, a practitioner should not criticize others, but instead look within and cultivate our speech. Then, we should try to help fellow practitioners based on their cultivation state. If we blame others first, the conflict would grow and give the evil loopholes to exploit. Instead, we should handle each situation with righteous minds.