(Minghui.org) I often had thoughts that I was better than other people, which was a form of demonic interference from one’s own mind. Although I had found this attachment a long time ago, I did not get rid of it completely. I just addressed it a little whenever it surfaced.

A fellow practitioner criticized me, saying that I had not even touched the attachment. I thought that the practitioner’s words were unfair because I had been working on it.

I found the source of my attachment through one of Master’s arrangements. I was writing an article and searching for reference articles when one caught my eye. The article discussed various shortcomings among practitioners. I was shocked when it pointed out my fundamental problems. I enlightened to my own problems, and my thoughts of superiority and being treated unfairly left me.

Before cultivation, I was simple-minded and did not have any special skills that are useful in society. I could not even find a decent job. I feared that I might end up on the streets as a beggar.

However, there was always a thought buried deep in my mind. Other people could not sense it at all. Only I could feel it when it surfaced. I thought that I was superior to all other people, although I had not achieved anything in society. I thought I could be more successful than other people if only I had money to invest.

When I read of Zhuan Falun in 1999, I realized that Falun Gong was what I had been looking for. I knew it by the time I reached the second page. I was so passionate about it that I could give up all I had in the human world.

I was diligent and did not complain about difficulties. I never had a second thought about my cultivation practice when I was persecuted. With a clear understanding about the Fa and the upright attitude to clarify the truth, I won respect from fellow practitioners and even some of the people who were persecuting us.

I became relatively famous in our local area. I gradually became inflated from the attention, attached to fame, and started to despise other practitioners out of jealousy. The attention had strengthened my sense of superiority, and I had pride in my so-called achievements in cultivation. I did not search inward for the deeply buried attachment. When I finally realized that I had a serious problem, the attachment had already become strong and difficult to get rid of.

Thus, I became more diligent and proactive in working on the attachment, and it became much easier to catch when it surfaces. For example, when I teach other practitioners skills or tasks needed for Dafa work, I can easily catch my sense of superiority, and it is much easier to control.

Thank you Master!