(Minghui.org) Ms. Cui Rongfen is a Falun Gong practitioner in Hengshui City of Hebei Province. For more than 10 years she has suffered harassment, numerous arrests, and repeated terms in detention. Ms. Cui was on trial in the Jing County Court on December 22, 2015, when she passed out in the courtroom.

Family members of Ms. Cui pleaded with the court officials that she be sent to the hospital. The presiding judge Liu Junjie initially ignored their requests. A doctor from a small clinic was eventually called to the court. The doctor told the court that Ms. Cui's condition was not serious, but her family was not satisfied with the doctor's diagnosis and asked that the deputy of the court be called in. Deputy Yan Xichen came to the courtroom, and half-an-hour later, Ms. Cui was sent to Jing County Hospital.

Ms. Cui was diagnosed with a severe heart problem. As she was receiving treatment, many police officers gathered in the hospital. They stood in the hospital room, in the hallway, and outside in the courtyard. The officers were from the Jing County 610 Office, the Jing County Police Department, and the Jin County Court.

Photo: Ms. Cui Rongfen in a coma.

Some senior police officials also came to the hospital. Deputy of the Jing County Police Department Zhang Qingchang, who is in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners there, asked the family to agree to have Ms. Cui transferred to Hengshui City. When the family refused, he threatened that he would transfer Ms. Cui without their permission.

That evening, more police officers came to the hospital. Dozens of officers lined the hospital's hallways, and someone told the family that Cao Guang, deputy of the Jing County Domestic Security Division, had ordered more police to the hospital. Some of the police started moving toward Ms. Cui's hospital room. Several officers then restrained her family members, while other officers carried Ms. Cui out of the room. The police vehicle used to transport Ms. Cui sped away.

The distraught family members drove to Hengshui City and searched several hospitals. They couldn't find Ms. Cui, so they tried to call deputy of the Jing County Police Department Zhang Qingchang and deputy of the Jing County Court Yan Xichen. No one answered their calls.

The next day, the family learned that Ms. Cui had been sent to the Hengshui Detention Center around 9 p.m. the night before. Her condition is still not known.

A Tale of Persecution

Ms. Cui Rongfen started to practice Falun Gong in 1997. Because she refused to give up the practice after the persecution began in 1999, she has been followed by police and arrested numerous times. Her daughter has lived in fear that her mother will be taken away again. She would often yell, “Mom, run, a police car is coming,” when she heard police sirens on their street.

Ms. Cui's most recent arrest occurred on the morning of August 25, 2014. She was initially detained at the Chengguan Police Station of Jing County. The Jing County Domestic Security Division boss Li Guisheng and deputy of the Jing County Police Department Zhang Qingchang later ordered Ms. Cui's transfer to the Hengshui Detention Center.

People involved in the persecution of Ms. Cui:Chang Qingchang (张庆昌), deputy of the Jing County Police Department: +86-13383686166 (c), +86-318-4223231 (h)Li Guisheng (李桂生), head of the Jing County Domestic Security Division: +86-318- 4318028(o), +86-15003181110 (c)Yan Xichen (闫希臣), deputy of Jing County Court, +86-318-4317101(o), +86-18632821119Liu Junjie (刘俊杰), judge of Jing County Court, +86-18632821185