(Minghui.org) Greetings, venerable Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I obtained the Fa in 1996. Under Master’s benevolent care, I have been cultivating for 19 years. This period of time is the most prosperous and the most wondrous stage in my life: being able to follow Master during Fa-Rectification and becoming a Dafa disciple in the Fa-Rectification period. I’m supremely honored and infinitely grateful.

Master told us:

“And that’s especially so for Dafa disciples, who shoulder such great historic missions. Bound up in that mission is the survival, the life or death, of simply countless beings. Wouldn’t you call that something major? It’s a huge thing.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”)

I cherish this extremely precious opportunity and special mission to save sentient beings that Master arranged for us. I make phone calls to China to persuade the people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I go to community centers, supermarkets, parks, and tourist spots to clarify the truth to Chinese people and help them to quit the CCP.

Master told us:

“... [our group as a whole] must not let up with our truth-clarification at tourist spots. Especially with tourists coming out of mainland China, you really must focus your truth-clarification on them.” (“Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day”)

I realized that Master arranged this opportunity for us to explain the facts in person and save people. I clarify the facts at tourist spots. During the process, I've realized that only by cultivating in earnest can we shoulder the responsibility of saving people.

Ever since the 2014 Canadian Fa Conference, Chinese visitors have been visiting our tourist sites in big and small buses in an endless stream. Many practitioners are busy clarifying the facts and saving people every day, and many visitors have been persuaded to quit the CCP.

One day, the mother of a child named Tian Tian whom I had been babysitting came to my home and asked, “Auntie, do you think I am blessed? “I asked her what had happened.

She said that, in the bank where she works, a colleague who is also a Dafa practitioner asked them to sign a petition protesting the persecution, and she did. Later, her parents got sick and were stuck in the airport. A Dafa practitioner drove them home and declined to take any money. She and her parents were all quite moved.

I told her that I was also quite moved because, in the past when I clarified the truth to her, she listened but did not truly believe it. I told her that I was more moved by Master’s benevolent compassion to give sentient beings opportunities to be saved again and again, and to give practitioners opportunities to save sentient beings and establish mighty virtue again and again.

Dafa disciples are one body. As long as we cultivate with our true hearts, no matter what we experience, what project we participate in, or what we contribute, we are all saving sentient beings.

Saving sentient beings is a serious and arduous task, and I need to study Master’s lectures. Master told us:

“You have to wholeheartedly do a good job at whatever you are supposed to do—and only then is it admirable. You might be doing what you’re told, but if you don’t really pay attention to your attitude toward things or how to effectively save people, then that’s a problem in your cultivation.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference”)

Master also told us: “To tell you the truth, the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments.” (Zhuan Falun)

I looked inward deeply and found that I still have many attachments. I have the mentality of complaining and looking outward when encountering tribulations, and the mentality of showing off and zealotry when things are going well.

How much effort have I put into clarifying the truth and saving people? How much compassion do I have for the sentient beings that traveled abroad and stood in front of me? Even a regular teacher needs to prepare before class. For such an important thing as saving people, did I do everything that was necessary?

These visitors are victims under the spell of the evil CCP, and they will still have to survive in that dangerous environment. How can we help them to open their hearts and listen to the truth?

I shared with other practitioners. Some provided loudspeakers to broadcast the truth when there were many people. We sent forth righteous thoughts to clear the field with compassionate thoughts. We talked to tourists as a group and individually to try to persuade them to quit.

One tour guide leading a group of people from a bus did not allow us to broadcast the truth, but we didn’t give up. We eventually persuaded 6 people who looked like officials to quit the CCP.

We talk to the tour guides first. For example, one young tour guide was very talkative, but he didn’t let us talk to the tourists in his group. I decided to speak to him. I said, "I hope you have good business. You’re really accumulating good fortune by bringing so many Chinese people to hear the truth."

I told him that, 2 days earlier there was a tour guide who did not allow his group to listen to us and was rude. In the end his group made difficulties for him, filing complaints and requesting another guide.

The young tour guide said, “I understand. When I get back to the bus I’ll tell my group that Falun Dafa is good and accumulate fortune for myself.”

The tourists usually follow their tour guide. Two people dressed in suits said that things are good in China now, that China was conducting an anti-corruption campaign. I replied that they must know that the CCP has already sealed its own fate: if China does not carry out an anti-corruption campaign, the nation will come to an end; if China does carry out an anti-corruption campaign, then the CCP will not exist, because the entire Party is corrupt.

I asked them, “Don’t you think that right now the CCP is dying because of corruption?” They didn’t say anything. I suggested pseudonyms for them to quit the CCP. They looked at the tour guide and then both agreed.

Because my compassion has emerged, I feel that all sentient beings are suffering, and our success in persuading people to quit the CCP has been good. A few days ago, a tour guide was waiting anxiously for a tourist. I asked him if he needed my help. He shouted into his phone: "Do you see the banner 'Falun Dafa is good?' Look for the banner 'Falun Dafa is good!'”

Another tour guide and tourist group who didn’t want to listen to us were also waiting anxiously for several in their party. I knew they couldn’t leave anyway, so they might as well watch us doing the exercises.

As I was writing this, my grandson came over and said, "Grandma, I like you, but do you know which part of you I don’t like?" "Which part?" I asked. He said, “The part when you wore the CCP’s red scarf when you were little.”

I realized that this is the part that is false and evil and has a competitive mentality. Residual Party culture was exposed when I was clarifying the truth. I must use my heart to get rid of it and assimilate to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

I go to tourist spots at least 4-5 days per week during the peak tourist season. I practice with and participate in parades with the Divine Land Marching Band on the weekends. I also take care of my grandson and do the housework. That means time is very tight and precious. Every day I need to go to the exercise site in the morning, Fa study in the evening, tourist sites on weekdays, and Divine Land Marching Band practice or parade or rally on the weekends.

I feel fulfilled, but because of my big human notion, sometimes I felt sleepy and wanted to have a good, long sleep. I often wished it would rain hard so I could take a break, but there was a drought a while ago instead and no rain for about two months. Sometimes, the god of rain would play a trick on me. Just as I stepped out the door, the sky was full of dark clouds, and big raindrops were falling, so I’d go back in. But as soon as I sat down and turned on the computer, the sky was blue without a trace of a of dark cloud. I picked up my banner and went out again.

This happened twice in a row. I realized it is because I had the attachment of feeling tired and it happened due to my improper thought, so the old forces arranged for the that "test." I established one thought, "Rain or wind, I must go to the tourist spots. Since Master has already arranged for the visitors who are waiting to hear the truth, I can’t be moved by my pursuit of comfort."

My son is very supportive. He always gives me a few hundred dollars for bus tickets. At the beginning of the year, he had some financial difficulties and I felt a little ashamed and uneasy. So that I could go to the tourist sits, I declined a few job opportunities. One of those jobs was for little Tian Tian’s mom.

A few years ago, I took care of little Tian Tian. I vaguely sensed he was reincarnated from one of my fellow practitioners’ family members. His schoolteacher said he was hyperactive, but when he came to my home and did the meditation (he always put his right leg on top) with my grandson, he could sit for 45 minutes. He always had health problems.

I recommended that he cultivate or go to the Minghui School, but his father disagreed. His mother wanted me to babysit him. I would have liked this job, since I could take him for Fa study and to do the exercises. But in order to go to the tourist spots, I declined the job. I felt that this was also an opportunity to give up my selfishness and sentimentality.

Although there were pressure and obstacles, I had engraved on my heart the Fa Master told us about the responsibilities of Dafa Disciples. I was determined: "I must go to the tourist sites to clarity the truth." With this righteous thought, Master arranged for the best cultivation environment for me. All pressures and tribulations disappeared.

A few practitioners who cultivated well came to live in my home. It not only improved my financial situation, more importantly, we study the Fa and do the exercises every morning and evening, share with each other, and complement each other. Before, there were 1-2 of us at the practice site; now there are 8-9.

On Mother’s Day, a Japanese young man bowed to us to say thanks. There was a Chinese person who would shout “Falun Dafa is good” whenever he passed by. It was very encouraging, and I again found the feeling of cultivating as if I had just started and I knew how to cultivate myself again.

For example, a few days ago we were told that there would be a big group exercise on Sunday. On Saturday morning 8 of us did the exercises at our site We did all 5 exercises, and everyone benefited a lot.

I would like to share one experience that made me further experience the invincible might of Dafa. One day at a tourist site, 2 buses of Chinese tourists had just left when I noticed it was time to go home. Just as I was about to leave, another group showed up.

I thought I should clarify the truth to this group, so I started talking to them. One man was very alert, and later I helped him to take photos. He was satisfied with the photos and also agreed to quit the CCP using a pseudonym. Then I talked to another man who raised many questions but was not willing to quit.

Another practitioner then reminded me that it was time to go home. Suddenly I realized that I had to pick up my grandson and that I would be late. The school bus dropped him off on the street. If I was late, it would not be good.

But it was really late by then, and even if I could catch the bus immediately, I would still be 10 minutes late. I grabbed the banner and ran. As I ran, I was saying, "Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, Master please help your disciple."

I waited for another 10 minutes for the bus. I got worried and began to sweat. I suddenly recalled the new Lunyu: “It was Dafa that created time and space, the multitude of lives and species, and all of creation; all that exists owes to it, with nothing outside of it.” (“On Dafa,” from Zhuan Falun)

I recited it over and over and also repented to Master with a sincere heart: In the future I would cherish the time arranged for me by Master to save sentient beings, which I didn’t cherish in the past.

When I got on the bus home, it seemed as if the driver could read my mind. He drove very fast. The trip usually took 18 minutes, but it took only 14 minutes that day. When I arrived at the spot to pick up my grandson, I had tears in my eyes: I was not late at all. Not only that, all the parents were waiting there quietly. It turned out that the school bus was late.

Thank you, Master! I am so grateful for Dafa. Master let His disciple experience another miracle.

What made me more excited was discovering that the school bus driver was from Shanghai. I had thought he was from Hong Kong. He always asked me to arrive early to pick up my grandson, but the day after he was late, he talked to me first. I realized that perhaps Master had arranged this good predestined relationship from another dimension.

The driver said that he was driving the school bus for the government, and he knew that I was a Dafa disciple. I clarified the facts to him and helped him quit the Party using the name “Gao Fu Yuan,” and he expressed his gratitude again and again. Every time he saw me after that he would give me a thumbs up.

I have realized that clarifying the facts at tourist destinations is a precious cultivation environment arranged for me by Master. Every day when I face abuse, criticism, and insults, it is a test to see if I will be moved and whether I can follow Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance. If I can make it, then I can assimilate to the Fa and elevate my level.

At the same time, facing sentient beings’ happiness, sincere gratitude, and blessings after they understand the truth and are saved, is also a test to see if I have the attachments of showing off and zealotry. I understand that the real parts of saving sentient beings are done by Master, it is only to see whether we have a sincere thought and heart, whether we cherish this unique opportunity to save sentient beings arranged for us by Master.

Because I enlightened to some Fa principles and improved in the cultivation process, benevolent Master rewarded me. Before the May13th Fa conference this year, when I was doing the exercises in the morning, a pink plum blossom came towards me horizontally. Later, another shining golden plum blossom appeared vertically. In my dream, I held a big colorful banner with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. At first I held it horizontally, and then I held it vertically whirling about in the wind.

Cultivation is wondrous. Only by looking inside, cultivating inward, and cultivating with a sincere heart can one reach consummation and shoulder the sacred mission to save people.

Above are some of my cultivation experiences. Please point out anything improper.

(Presented at the 2015 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)