(Minghui.org) The Muling Procuratorate in Heilongjiang Province has repeatedly stopped lawyers from reviewing case files for their clients since 2014.

By not answering phones, pretending he is not in the office, or even trying to hide his identity, Zhao Jinyu, head of the prosecution section, effectively stopped lawyers from reviewing case files in order to defend Falun Gong practitioners being tried for their belief.

Most recently, lawyers Li Chunfu and Wang Guangqi approached Zhao several times and were denied access to case files for their clients–Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Zheng Guanglin and Mr. Li Yongsheng, who were illegally arrested on March 16, 2015.

Prosecutor Attempts to Hide Identity

The two lawyers went to the Prosecution Section of the Muling Procuratorate to on June 23, 2015 and were led to Zhao Jinyu's office.

Zhao and his colleague were in the office. However, his colleague told the lawyers that Zhao was not there. The lawyers pointed to Zhao and asked, “Aren't you Mr. Zhao?” He did not acknowledge. The colleague interrupted, “No, he is just a case worker. Mr. Zhao is not here.”

The lawyers noticed that the status board on the wall showed that Zhao was on duty, so they called Zhao's listed phone number. The cell phone beside Zhao rang. He took a look, but did not answer it.

Status board showing that Zhao was on duty

The lawyers went to Zhao again and told him that it was their duty to read files, and that the prosecutors should not avoid them. Zhao said that he was busy on a case and told them to come back the next day.

The lawyers had to cancel their flight in order to return to the Procuratorate the next day. An entrance guard murmured to himself, “Zhao is not in,” and claimed not to know how to contact him. The lawyers called Zhao's office themselves and were told that he was in a meeting.

After the lawyers were again told to wait an hour later, Mr. Zheng Guangling's wife went to the second floor on her own and found Zhao, who was not in a meeting at all. Zhao summoned two officers to drag her downstairs. She fainted during the confrontation and was rushed to a hospital.

Ms. Miao Shuqiu passed out and was rushed to a hospital.

The lawyers were still told to wait, until two hours had passed and they had to catch their flight.

Prosecutors Continue to Avoid Lawyers

Lawyer Wang returned to Muling City on July 8, 2015 and requested to review case files. He was again told that Zhao was not in the office. Neither the lawyer nor Mr. Li's family could reach Zhao by phone, and no staff in the Prosecution Section would meet with them.

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