(Minghui.org) “Why do you always have to cause trouble? How could I keep my government job?!” asked my son.

“My brother has to worry about everything already–must you add another thing?” complained my daughter.

“If you think Falun Gong is good, can't you just practice it at home and not let other practitioners come to our home?” pleaded my daughter-in-law.

For the final blow, my husband added, “You just don't want us to live in peace. You're not allowed to go out anymore!”

These were the reactions from my family when I told them that I had planned to file a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, the former Chinese president who launched the violent suppression of Falun Gong.

Their opposition triggered my emotion of fear. For a few days, I didn't dare to go to group Fa-study.

A week later, I finally talked myself into going to our study group. Other practitioners were all preparing their criminal complaint letters, and some had already sent them out. I felt that I had let Master down by holing myself up and succumbing to my fear.

Master said in “Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Canada,”

“It’s just like what I described in an example. I said that at critical moments, some people are able to give up their futures, jobs, and careers. If that’s the case, didn’t these people pass this trial? What do human beings live for? Don’t they live for the possibility of having a good future among everyday people and having satisfactory careers so as to fulfill their dreams? They want to accomplish certain things. When these things are placed in front of them, can they step out of them when challenged? If they can walk away from them, haven’t they passed a life and death trial? Don’t human beings live for those things? When they can let go of these, aren’t they able to let go of the attachment to life?”

With encouragement from fellow practitioners, I finally wrote a criminal complaint letter against Jiang Zemin based on my personal experiences. I, however, couldn't produce the required photocopy of my ID card, which my husband had hidden away from me.

I had a dream that night, in which a fellow practitioner and I were running together on a wide, open road. A man came toward me and said, “You have mistakes, you have mistakes!”

I asked him what the mistakes were. Before he could answer, I woke up.

When I discussed my dream at our Fa-study group, a practitioner said, “You didn't provide a copy of your ID card with your complaint. That's the mistake.”

I helped my husband understand why I must press charges against Jiang, and he gave me back my ID. The day I mailed the complaint with photocopy of my ID card, the fear inside of me disappeared. Instead, I was full of gratitude toward Master. I felt blessed, and my heart felt light.