(Minghui.org) Like many other practitioners in China, I am filing a lawsuit against former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin, who is ultimately responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong.

I encountered all kinds people while preparing and mailing out the legal materials, and I would like to share some stories.

Several weeks ago, I was on my way to photocopy the legal materials I prepared. I noticed that I had not affixed my fingerprint as required, so I walked into a nearby convenience store and asked to borrow their ink pad.

The storekeeper was a nice young man. Curious, he asked me why I needed to make a fingerprint. I replied, “I am sending an indictment to sue Jiang Zemin.” His eyes opened widely, and he said, “You are brave. You would sue Jiang Zemin?”

I began to explain why I had to do such a brave thing to uphold justice, just like many other Falun Gong practitioners. As customers gathered around us to listen, I told them my own experience as a victim of the persecution. One young man asked me for a copy of the indictment to read later. He also said that he would tell his friends and family about Jiang's conduct. I was moved by his words.

Afterward, I went to the copy center. The two staff who waited on me also asked me what the materials were for. As soon as they heard it was a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, they looked afraid. Since I realized that they would need time and information about the persecution, I decided to visit them again after I finished mailing the documents.

Mailing the packages in the post office went smoothly, and I mailed out four packages. Three days later, I received delivery receipts for three of them, but not for the one addressed to the Supreme Procuratorate. I went to the post office and asked that the package be tracked. The staff very carefully checked their computer and confirmed that all four packages had been delivered properly.

I explained to the staff what the materials were for and why I was concerned. I described the persecution I was subjected to, and I also told him that my 80-year-old mother had been threatened by some local 610 Office staff because I practice Falun Gong. I told him how she suffered a mental collapse, which led to her injury and poor health before she passed away.

I became emotional while recounting these painful memories, and the staff consoled me. “Auntie, don't be sad,” he said. “Jiang is so evil that he deserves to be sued. I support you.”

I thanked him and pointed out that his thoughts in supporting lawsuits against Jiang indicated that he had chosen to be on the side of justice. Other practitioners who also mailed lawsuit materials at the same post office told me that the staff was very friendly and supportive.

After we mailed out our packages, a few post offices in other areas refused to deliver legal materials related to suing Jiang, and they even assigned staff to stalk Falun Gong practitioners when they arrived. However, such circumstances just give us more chances to let all people know about the persecution and the facts of Falun Gong.