(Minghui.org) I came across a Minghui article in which the author shared his understanding of the role of a coordinator and pointed out two problems he noticed with his local coordinators.

As a coordinator responsible for making Falun Gong informational materials, I'd like to share that the same phenomena exist in my region as well, but for different reasons.

“Coordinators Like to Micromanage”

The author implied that his local coordinators like to take on everything themselves, big or small. My own experience suggests that sometimes the coordinator has to micromanage everything because many practitioners are not willing to devote themselves to assigned tasks due to fear or other attachments. The one who manages the materials production site has no choice but handle everything.

Two thirds of my local practitioners are seniors, and they go out every day to distribute informational materials. As such, they require a large amount of materials on a daily basis, which really puts a strain on me.

I have been making informational materials since 2006. Under the guidance of Minghui technical articles, I've learned to make different forms of materials bearing information on the persecution of Falun Gong. However, my own efforts are not enough to meet the demand, and we need more fellow practitioners to join me in making the materials.

“Coordinators Refuse to Let Others Take Initiatives”

The article also mentioned that his local coordinators are hesitant to delegate tasks to others. In my case, I once trained two fellow practitioners to make informational materials, but they later gave up for various reasons. The Fa-rectification is approaching its final phase, and the demand for materials is high. I wanted to delegate more tasks to others but haven't found anyone who is willing to stick around. It was disappointing at times, seeing my fellow practitioners move on with other projects.

Of course, I understand I also need to look within to identify and remove any attachments I may still have. It is, however, my hope that more of my fellow practitioners can join me and take the initiative in making more informational materials.

This is my understanding at my level. Please kindly point out shortcomings.