(Minghui.org) Some coordinators in my local area have been persecuted for over a year. Even though they managed to get out of the detention centers after their arrests, some are suffering from severe sickness karma, and one practitioner has become blind.

I would like to share some of my understandings on why this might have happened.

First of all, I would like to thank our coordinators for their hard work and selfless giving! I know that being a coordinator is not easy. It requires perseverance and stamina.

We often look to the coordinators for help, giving them added pressure and work, thus limiting their time for Fa study.

I think that the path of cultivation is mutual among practitioners - coordinators and those being coordinated, just like me. The problems are not exclusive to coordinators.

Producing Falun Gong Informational Materials

It is the coordinators responsibility to look after material production sites, but that does not mean they need do all the work. They should learn to delegate, maximizing each practitioner's strengths.

But some coordinators don't feel comfortable delegating, and choose to do the work themselves. This could also have something to do with their ego and looking down on others, thinking that certain practitioners are not suitable or capable of completing a task efficiently.

As a result, some coordinators are fully occupied in transporting Shen Yun DVDs, Minghui calendars, or other truth-clarification materials between different material sites. They are under a lot of pressure and are very tired.

This needn't be the case as there are many practitioners that can help. No matter how capable one person is, he or she cannot possibly cover all the work.

Purchasing Materials

We shouldn't rely on the coordinators to purchase materials for us, such as printing paper. Buying in bulk can have its advantages, but it can also draw unnecessary attention, as the suppliers may wonder why an everyday person would be using so much printing paper and report them to the authorities. The police are very aware of materials production sites and seek to shut them down and arrest the practitioners involved.

If all our material production sites rely on coordinators to make the purchases and allocate supplies, it ties up a lot of their time. However, if we purchase our own materials, we can do it in small quantities, freeing up more time for the coordinators and it would be much safer too.

If no one can function without the coordinator—isn't this a problem?

Learning Technical Skills

When we seek training from technically savvy coordinators and find that they are unwilling to help us, we should talk to them kindly and explain how this training can help reduce their workload in the long run.

Undertaking training can be time-consuming and problematic for both trainer and trainee, but it will be beneficial to both parties in the long run. Our being capable of dealing with technical issues will give the technical personnel more free time to study the Fa, as they will not have to come and sort out problems so often.

We should try our best to solve problems on our own. If we can't, then we can ask family and friends for help or take such things like our computers and printers to the repair shop if they are not working properly.

Being Supported By Others

Some coordinators have too much work to do and have left their employment to concentrate on their Dafa projects. This has lead to their living conditions becoming poor.

Other practitioners have tried to help them financially or by giving them food and clothing. But this presents another problem, as practitioners shouldn't casually accept others' money or things. This can lead to attachments of dependence and greed.


In my understanding Master wants everyone to have the opportunity to mature and gain their own might virtue, rather than just follow the coordinators.

I recall that several years ago, I said to a coordinator in charge of buying supplies, “You are too busy. Let it go a little bit.” He replied, “Who do you think can do this job? It won't work without me.”

In less than a year, he was arrested and sentenced for over three years. During that time, practitioners were able to continue their truth-clarification efforts and nothing was really affected.

Nothing of Dafa will stop functioning without any individual, but no cultivator can function without the Fa.

Some coordinators are very attached to the role of being “coordinators.” When others try to take initiatives, they react negatively as if the practitioners are trying to take their roles. Some coordinators even give the practitioners a hard time, as if to say “Look, this cannot work without me!” What they validate is their own petty skills, not cultivation improvement.

I believe the coordinator should discuss with practitioners and encourage them to pursue their own ideas.

I'm not saying that coordinators have not cultivated well. Coordinators should cultivate themselves solidly. Otherwise, no matter how much they have done, they will still have difficultly elevating in the Fa.

I'm writing this sharing because I see the suffering of some coordinators and hope that we can work together to eliminate loopholes that the old forces may take advantage of.

This sharing is limited by my current level in cultivation. Please point out anything inappropriate.