(Minghui.org) Master talked about “main coordinators” in his lecture:

“I also want to highlight a coordination issue that pertains to Dafa disciples outside of mainland China. This is something that I didn’t spell out before, as I wanted you to be tempered and find your own course to follow; since all Dafa disciples are kings from higher worlds, each must, through exploring and verifying, enlighten to what each is supposed to from the Fa. So, as for how things now stand, the amount of time given has been long enough. You’ve already passed through ten years’ time, so as to this [issue of yours], I’d say we call it over and done with. So, I want to tell you that from this day forth, the main coordinator for each project—the one principal coordinator—is that project’s representative. This holds true for the main coordinator of each region’s Dafa Association as well. He or she is its representative. Whatever it may be that the coordinator does, requires of you, or decides—carry it out unconditionally.” (“Be More Diligent”)

Master specifically emphasized at the beginning that this “pertains to Dafa disciples outside of mainland China.” So “main coordinators” are only for overseas Falun Dafa practitioners.

However, some practitioners in China regard “main coordinators” as leaders among practitioners. Once a practitioner is recognized by others as a “main coordinator,” he/she will be able to manage local resources and give orders to other practitioners. We constantly see “main coordinators” around us, and some practitioners even compete for this title.

Most of these “main coordinators” had good intentions at the beginning. They wanted to help others. For a long period of time, they were so busy on Dafa projects that they had little time to improve themselves. Gradually, their personal cultivation lagged so far behind that they did not even realize that they had strayed from Dafa already.

These practitioners look diligent. They work day and night for other practitioners. But what they do are to validate themselves. They see themselves as so important that local practitioners cannot form one body without them. They talk and act like supervisors wherever they go. Some of them even compare themselves with Master and Dafa.

Among those practitioners who were arrested recently, many were coordinators. Their pride and show-off mentality left loopholes for the old forces and brought them disaster.

No matter how many abilities we have, they were all given by Master. Without Master, we are no different from everyday people waiting to be saved. We must position ourselves properly.

Practitioners in China have been relying on the Minghui website for guidance. Every practitioner has his/her own path arranged by Master. Practitioners in China have been under surveillance and persecution by the authorities, so we do not cultivate in large groups for security reasons. We must work quietly. Even if someone needs to inform others about something, they have to be careful not to develop a prideful or show-off mentality.