(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1995. Before that I had many problems, health and otherwise, and was miserable.

These problems disappeared once I started cultivating. My mother also began to practice Falun Dafa after she saw all the changes in me. We both benefited greatly, and were finally able to enjoy life, until the onset of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of the practice on July 20, 1999.

My Tormentors Are in Pain

When Falun Dafa was banned, local practitioners began to tell people the facts about the practice in our city and province, and even Beijing. We appealed for the right to practice. We were arrested and detained many times, but were usually released within a short time.

However, another practitioner and I were illegally sentenced to six years in prison for hanging up banners that supported Falun Dafa. I was taken to the provincial prison, where I was tortured. Guards shocked me with electric batons, put me on a death bed torture device, hung me by my handcuffed wrists, made me stand in the snow in my bare feet, exposed me to the scoring sun, and restrained me in other ways.

No matter what the torture, I remained firm in my belief in Master and the Fa. I constantly recited Lunyu, the preface in Zhuan Falun, and verses from Hong Yin. I did the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts. I knew that I was a practitioner on a divine path and that torture in the human world should not affect me. I also asked Master to strengthen me.

I sent forth righteous thoughts whenever I was tortured, and did not feel anything. When the guards beat me, I sent righteous thoughts that the guard should suffer the consequences--and they did. When a guard slapped my face, and I sent forth righteous thoughts, I did not feel any pain, but the guard's teeth bled. He covered his face and left. Another guard kicked me and then cried out, because he felt the pain and I did not. When a guard shocked me with an electric baton, he or she felt the shock.

On one occasion, two guards were trying to shock me simultaneously with electric batons. I sent forth righteous thoughts and they shocked each other. In the end, they begged me, “Please forgive us and let us go.”

When I meditated, four inmates tried to pull me out of the mediation position, but they could not move me. I sent forth righteous thoughts that those standing on my feet would be as tiny as ants. I sat calmly, but the inmates felt numb and trembled. After that, no one dared to get near me when I meditated.

Confinement Has No Effect

Since I firmly believed in Dafa and the guards could not “transform” me with torture, they locked me in a confinement cell for 80 days, and continued the torture. I was given only two buns a day, and I was hungry. I sent righteous thoughts that I was a Dafa disciple and it did not matter whether I ate food from the human world, which dissipated my hunger. But I lost almost 50 pounds.

I practiced the Falun Dafa exercises, sent forth righteous thoughts, and recited Master's articles in that small, dark, humid cell, where I could not tell if it was day or night. For me the room was full of beautiful red lights! I also felt Master's Law Body beside me. There was no interference, and my cultivation level improved a lot. Although I had lost weight, I still had energy. When I was let out, I was told that I had been in there for 80 days, although it didn't seem that long.

When I was locked in the confinement cell again, I went on a hunger strike in protest. The guards were afraid, and after I agreed to stop the hunger strike if they let me out, they released me after 15 days. After I was let out, I looked healthy and had even gained weight. That frightened the guards. If they didn't give me enough to eat, I went on a hunger strike again. So they gave me extra food and soon my body recovered.

I was no longer afraid of death, so the torture had no effect on me. But the guards and prisoners who tried to torture me felt it. In the end, no one dared to come near me.

Cooperating with Practitioners Outside Prison

Practitioners outside of the prison sent in an mp3 audio player and a cellphone. They sent me Zhuan Falun and Master's new lectures. I wrote out the short articles and passed them on to other practitioners in the prison. The guards and inmates did not dare to search me and the other practitioners also sent forth righteous thoughts to prevent the guards from finding the Dafa books.

Most practitioners in the prison could study Zhuan Falun and Master's new lectures. We could keep pace with Master's Fa-Rectification progress and increase our confidence in negating the persecution. Our steadfastness helped practitioners who had signed documents promising to renounce Falun Dafa, to publish on the Minghui website their solemn declarations about continuing with the practice.