(Minghui.org) Continued from part 4.

A practitioner from Beijing called Master and told him about some people from France coming to meet him. Master said, "I know that they came for a child's illness. You can tell them to find someone else."

Later, another call came in that they were on their way here and had to meet Master. Master said, "Since they are coming, I will meet them if they are predestined."

I met the group, two French and two Chinese, and brought them to Master's hotel room. The room was very simple and they all had to sit on the bed.

Master asked, "Let's see what the problem is."

The translator began to introduce them. The two French gentlemen were a father and a son and owned a big company.

The father came straight to the point. "We are Jewish,” he said. “We know that human beings nowadays are in a serious situation, facing the disaster of havoc. Our God told us that only one Chinese can save human beings, save the French, and save Jews. We studied and searched for a long time and found out that the person is You—China's Qigong Master Li Hongzhi. So we came to meet you."

"Our God invites you to come to France and to save Europe," he said. "We will arrange everything and cover all your costs." His pleading tone and expression touched us.

"Do you know what you are doing? It is a deed of boundless mighty virtue," Master said kindly. "Is there anything else?"

The young man said that his son was seven years old and mentally handicapped. The child could not speak nor move freely, and drooled. The young man had traveled everywhere looking for a cure for his son, but to no avail. He asked Master to cure him.

"Let me see his picture," Master said.

"We did not bring a picture with us, but we have a videotape."

I went to the front desk to ask to borrow a video player, but the hotel was not a high-end one and it did not have any.

Master said, "It is all right. You can just picture him in your mind."

After a short while, Master said, "Now picture him more clearly."

Master began to draw a human shape on the bed and stared at it for a short while. Then one of his hands pulled away from the head shape back and forth as if he was taking the illness threads out of the head.

After a few of these movements, he clasped his hands together. Then he lifted the cover of a tea cup and put what was inside his hand into the cup. He put the cover back on. Master patted the body shape on the bed three times from head to feet.

Master stopped and looked at the body shape, then said, "I think he should be all right now. There should be a response around this time over there. You can make a phone call to confirm."

I went to the front desk but the hotel did not have international long distance services. The French man said that they would call when they returned to their hotel since it was too early in France—about 4:00 AM.

Before they left, Master said, "Come here, I will give you an experience of Falun. Take out your hand." He drew circles in the air towards their hands. After ten minutes, Master asked, "Do you feel anything?"

The father said that the energy current entered his body from his hand. It was very strong and he felt warm. His son said his whole body shook. The energy was strong and his hand felt it the strongest. He could not put down his hand for fifteen minutes.

Three hours later, the translator called me at home. He spoke with a great deal of emotion. "They called their home in France. The young man's wife asked why they called so late. She said that around 4:00 AM their time, she woke up from a strong shaking. The room was very bright. She realized that her husband must be with the Chinese qigong master and he was sending over energy. She ran into the child's room and saw him sitting up in bed. He asked her with clear and accurate pronunciation, 'What happened to me, mom?' This had never happened before. She hugged the child and began to cry. She had been waiting for their phone call. When they called, she was crying over there and they were crying here. The two of us Chinese were crying with them. This is so touching. Master Li is magnificent. Magnificent."

I was crying too on this end of the call.

The translator said that the two Frenchmen wanted to meet Master this night, and then planned to fly back to France.

Tonight would be the first Fa lecture. It was held in the auditorium of the Dalian Locomotive Factory, which had a capacity of 2,700. This was the second time that Master taught the Fa in Dalian. So many people wanted to attend the classes that we had to sell some tickets as standing room only, so the audience was close to 3,000 people.

Before the class began, I updated Master on what had happened to the French child. I said that I wanted to tell everyone in the class about it since Master did it from thousands of miles away. One of the staff members with Master said that I should not talk about it since Master did not do things like curing illnesses. I said that this was not about curing illnesses, but about Master presenting his supernormal abilities from thousands of miles away.

I walked up to the podium and told the story to the class before the class began. I omitted the part of the Jewish god. The audience responded with loud applause. I looked at Master. His expression was really calm. I was truly convinced of Master's magnificence.

After the class, I arranged a restaurant for the French group to have dinner with Master. They told Master about their phone call to France. They were still very excited and full of gratitude to Master. During dinner, they finalized the schedule for Master to visit France. I took a few pictures during the dinner.

When the photos came out, I saw many vague images on the photos. "Many gods came to the dinner, including the Jewish god,” Master said to me. “Do you know who he is? He is Nostradamus whose prophecy from 400 years ago turned out to be 99 percent true. His purpose of coming to this world was to tell people about the catastrophes. People believe his last prophecy about the destruction of humanity. This catastrophe was indeed arranged. However, since I came to teach Dafa, it will not happen according to the arrangement. I will change it. That catastrophe will not occur, but bad people will be eliminated. Too many people will die and it will be horrible.”

Master told me such a big divine secret. I felt honored and shocked.

After the classes in Dalian, Master announced the establishment of the Dalian Assistance Center. He encouraged practitioners to study the Fa and do the exercises well, cultivate their xinxing, and reach consummation.


Next I accompanied Master to Lushun on a warship. Facing the wind and overlooking the sea, Master talked to the navy practitioners on the deck. There were many practitioners in Dalian from the army, navy, and air force. They cultivated really well. Master said that he really liked these soldier practitioners. They did not have many attachments and their enlightenment qualities were good.

At the boundary of the Yellow and Bohai seas, Master was very happy. I guessed that many beings from the heavens and the seas had arrived. I could feel Master's happy mood though I could not see anything. Master stretched out his right hand, “Look at my hand.” The assistant of the Lushun center saw with her third eye that many Buddhas and beings were on Master's hand.

We watched the trip video after I came back. There were countless Falun of different sizes surrounding the warship. Many book images were in the sky, some open and some closed. What could they be? Of course, they were Dafa books. All the practitioners who watched the videos were shocked.

Master is really magnificent. We made up our mind to follow Master all the way.

(The end)