(Minghui.org) I have watched the Shen Yun performances on DVD many times each year. This year, every time I have watched it, I felt differently. Tonight as I was watching it, tears quietly rolled down my cheeks. I knew in my heart that they were tears of shame.

When I watched Shen Yun DVDs before, I harbored a thought deep in my mind: “It's just so-so. Nothing new or intriguing.” My mindset was close to that of an ordinary person's. I would be picky and start to question the true quality of the performance. My previous knowledge of dance only made things worse. I even dreamed of participating in Shen Yun and improving it from my own perspective.

Now I can truly experience and appreciate the purity and beauty of the Shen Yun performance. That beauty is not something that an ordinary person in today's world can easily perceive. Once I started watching it with a pure heart, my feelings totally changed.

Shen Yun is not meant to be regular, everyday people's entertainment. Nor is it for Dafa disciples to appreciate. The tremendous energy of Shen Yun is powerful enough to melt away attachments and human notions. Pure benevolence is powerful in itself. Pure benevolence leads to pure beauty. If each Dafa disciple can embody pure benevolence and pure beauty, wouldn't that be a true manifestation of the power of Dafa particles in this human world? The power would be glorious and capable of annihilating all evil.