(Minghui.org) I am an electrician and have encountered dangerous situations quite a few times, but I always walked away without being hurt. Most people would find it inconceivable that I could have survived these incidents, as any one of them could have claimed my life.

These miracles happened because I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Though sometimes I slack off and am not as diligent as I should be in my practice, Master nevertheless is looking after me. I am living proof that Falun Dafa is extraordinary.

Walked Away from a Major Fall with Only Scratches

I worked at a steel mill in 2010. One day, I climbed up a two-meter-tall rolling mill to get a welding tool from a co-worker, but mistakenly stepped on a loose metal plate. I lost my balance and fell. I heard a big “bang” as my head hit the ground, then I continued falling and landed in a one-meter deep pit nearby.

My co-worker was terrified. I stood up and asked him, “Where are my glasses? Can you find them?” After looking for a while, he found them with one lens missing.

I had small cuts near my cheekbone. I got on my motorcycle and rode to a clinic, where the doctor cleaned up the scratches. I called my co-worker again and asked him to look for the other lens. Finally he called and said it was broken into small pieces. My cheekbone must have smashed the lens, which is how I got the cuts.

If Master hadn't protected me, the broken glasses from the lens could have gotten into my eye. I would not have been able to get away with just a few small scratches. I returned to work the next day.

A Motorcycle Accident

On my way home from work one day, I tried to pass a big container truck at a three-way intersection. As soon as I passed the truck, I saw a car that had just made a turn, coming right at me. I was going more than 30 miles per hour on my motorcycle and couldn't brake fast enough. I hit the car head on, and then slid to the side with my motorcycle.

I quickly got up and thought, “I'm okay.” The bumper of my motorcycle, the headlights and the hood of the car were damaged. However, other than slight soreness in one of my ankles, I was fine. I got scared afterwards thinking about what could have happened.

High-voltage Current Went Through My Body

One time, a rectifier cabinet at work stopped working and needed to be fixed right away. As my team and I tried to solve the problem, several others, including the department director stood there and watched. Feeling pressured, I skipped a few steps in the procedure and didn't perform an electrical inspection.

At one point, I put my left hand on the rectifier cabinet for support and reached out to loosen a large fuse with a wrench. All of a sudden, I felt a huge current run from my left hand to my right hand. The current was so strong that my upper body shook involuntarily and my heart tightened. As soon as I said, “There is electricity,” my hands let go of the cabinet.

People were scared to death—they all knew how powerful the current was—I was shocked with a 750-volt direct current from the transformer. However, after resting for a little while, I resumed working as if nothing happened.