(Minghui.org) Master told us in "Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference:"

“I have said before that, for a Dafa disciple, it’s okay if you’ve made mistakes. Just openly and honestly admit to your mistakes and show that you’re getting back on track and want to do well, and everyone will admire you for that. But if you try to hide those things and cover them up, those human thoughts of yours will only grow more complicated and stronger. And if on top of that your cultivation is a complete mess, what will practitioners think of you? What will they make of it? And how will gods regard it? And what am I to do with you in the future? Saving people, saving lives, is an act of compassion. But there will always be those who aren’t savable, after all. And who are they? They are the ones who don’t treasure their own lives. Those are the ones who can’t be saved.”

Benevolent Master has taught us the Fa in the clearest fashion. As a disciple, if we know we have made mistakes but refuse to admit it and try to find excuses, it amounts to not “treasuring our own lives.” If we have conflicts with others and point fingers at them but not ourselves, it amounts to not “treasuring our own lives.”

Master has warned us time and time again that we must cultivate ourselves and search within in the face of conflicts. By looking at others and searching externally, how can we achieve consummation ourselves? What is the goal of our cultivation? Isn't it to achieve consummation and follow Master to return home? How can we reach that goal and return to the pure, divine worlds with bodies full of filth and human notions?

It is about time we look inward and find where we fall short of the Fa, and what attachments we have not let go of. We must use the Fa as a mirror to find our mistakes and shortcomings. In case we cannot find them and fellow practitioners point them out to us, we must be humble in accepting what they say and earnest in making corrections. When we take our mistakes and attachments seriously, we are treasuring our own lives.

We have waited millions of years for this final moment. We have weathered so much over the past 16 years. We have endured the most barbaric persecution with sweat and tears. Now Master is asking us to catch up in our cultivation and correct our mistakes. It is the final opportunity, and time waits for no one as the next step in the Fa rectification starts.

At today's crucial moment in the Fa rectification, we must not ruin ourselves for fear of losing face in front of anyone. We descended into this human world from higher levels with solemn vows. We were selected by Master to be Dafa disciples, which is an honor admired by all the divine beings. We must not fail in our mission at the last step. The countless beings in our worlds are counting on us; Master is waiting for us; the divine beings of the whole universe are watching us. We cannot let Master down and cannot leave anything to regret.

We must cherish our predestined relationship with Master, cherish our cultivation by overcoming the hardships, and cherish all the beings we have saved. In a word, we must cherish ourselves.