(Minghui.org) Continued from Part 3.

4. Master Held a Second Seminar in Dalian

Master had taught a seminar in Dalian not so long ago. Falun Dafa practitioners from that area were so lucky because Master agreed to hold a second Fa-teaching seminar in Dalian. Master had originally planned to go to another city, however, due to organizational issues, the seminar was canceled.

I just happened to be around when Master was making new plans and requested that he come to Dalian again.

Two hundred people from outside the area and 500 locals attended the first Dalian seminar. I knew that many more people would attend this second seminar. Master agreed and decided for July 1 to be the first day of the seminar. Master's heart is all in saving sentient beings.

Ticket Price Discussion

I overheard a conversation between Master and a staff member, also a practitioner, over the pricing for the seminar.

From what I heard, it only cost 50 yuan to attend the first seminar. After paying a percentage to the China Qigong Science Research Society, there was little left – not even enough to cover expenses. Moreover, Master suggested to give a 50% discount to all returning students. The staff member was concerned – how were they going to make enough money to cover the expenses?

Master looked very stern and said, “How could you even say that? Do you know what I am doing here? I am here to teach the Fa. Nothing is more important than the Fa. Don't even think about raising the price. Not all of the students are rich. We will charge the same amount, 50 yuan. Returning students get half off, 25 yuan. As for the percentage we pay to the Qigong Research Society, we can negotiate with them again.”

I wanted to cry after hearing this. Other qigong masters made money off their practices – they charged a few hundred yuan for just a two-day class. Wherever they went, they bought expensive meals, stayed in five-star hotels, and are chauffeured around town like some kind of big shot.

Our Master, on the contrary, rarely traveled by air in order to save money. He ate a cup of noodles and stayed in small motels. The staff practitioners helped carry heavy bags of books and seminar materials and followed Master from city to city.

Master only charged 50 yuan for a nine-day seminar and half price for all returning students. Where in the world can you find someone as compassionate as Master? Thank you for all your hard work, Master.

3,000 Tickets Sold

The seminar was held in the assembly hall of the Dalian Locomotive Plant and the 2,700 seats quickly sold out. Due to the overwhelming response, we sold another 300 standing-room-only tickets and had a class of 3,000 people.

The Dalian Locomotive Plant was the biggest enterprise in the city. Many of the employees and officials were practitioners. The assembly hall was often used to hold experience sharing conferences. In turn, Dafa brought blessings to the Locomotive Plant – it was the most profitable business in the entire city.

Lieutenant General Buys Tickets

Before the seminar started, I received a phone call from a lieutenant general who also wanted to buy tickets to the seminar. He came to my house after we spoke briefly on the phone.

He told me that a retired general from Beijing asked him to get the tickets. The general and his family had attended one of Master's seminars and began to practice Dafa. Since then, he had noticed dramatic improvements in his entire family's health. He told him that this was a wonderful practice and his family wanted to attend the seminar again in Dalian. The lieutenant general also purchased a few tickets for himself and said that he wanted to give this cultivation practice a try.

When I called him a year later and told him that I could introduce him to Master, he was very excited and came right away. In Master's presence, he sat straight and upright, used military courtesies, and saluted Master before he left. I asked him while walking out, “You have had quite a career in the military, fought and won many battles. Now, you hold the high position of a military political commissar. Do you really believe in the Buddha Fa? Do you believe in Master Li?”

He replied, “I do. Teacher Li has such enormous mighty virtue – so great that no matter who he or she is, they need to be courteous, respectful and show deference to Teacher.” I was very impressed by his answer. Indeed, Master's mighty virtue tops any mundane achievement.

Interference Resolved

Master came to Dalian right after the Zhengzhou Seminar ended. A lot of practitioners had heard about what happened in Zhengzhou and Master also mentioned it in his lectures. When Master told us about it, he included a few more details.

Master told us that a huge dinosaur-looking monster interrupted the seminar. The weather became blustery instantly and it hailed egg-sized ice chunks. The roof of the hall was damaged and the power was cut off. Master had to stop the seminar. The storm was reported in a local newspaper.

Because the monster interrupted the Fa teaching, Master had no choice but to deal with it. Though fierce, the monster was a piece of cake for Master. Master used big hand signs and shrunk it to a tiny thing, then grabbed it with his hands and put it in a plastic water bottle. After dissolving it, Master threw the bottle in the trash.

Many demons tried to interfere after Master started teaching the Fa to the public, but they only brought destruction upon themselves.

Disruption of Flight Plans Resolved

Master originally planned to fly from Jinan to Dalian. However, because of the evil's interference, the weather changed and it stormed suddenly. Therefore, Master's flight was delayed.

Whether Master was going to arrive in time for the seminar was unknown. We received many phone calls asking whether the seminar would be held according to plan. Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty, I received a phone call that Master and the staff would take a boat from Jinan.

After learning such news, more than 100 students went to the pier, without being asked, to welcome Master. They held up a banner that said, “Welcome Master Li Hongzhi to Dalian.” Cameras were set up and lenses pointed at the dock and everybody was waiting for Master's arrival.

Some of us went up to the dock and the others lined up outside and waited patiently. A boat named “New Century” slowly approached the pier and docked. Was it a coincidence? Master was indeed opening up a new era.

Master stood near the exit of the boat. Seeing that so many people were waiting and welcoming Master, the passengers gave way and Master moved up to the very front. Many were curious, “Who are all these people here to see?”

The students were so excited and applauded enthusiastically. Master also smiled and waved at everyone. We walked with Master and met the waiting practitioners outside the dock.

Master asked me, “Did you arrange this?” “No, I didn't. There was no arrangement. The students heard the news and came on their own,” I answered with a big grin.

Master strictly forbids anyone from paying for a luxury hotel. We booked rooms in the Wuhan Hotel, a small business grade hotel.

Before the seminar started, a staff practitioner gave me badges to give out to the students. She told me 200 were made by Master and handed me a few. I took one and gave the rest to others. I have kept this precious badge as a keepsake – it has Master's original seal on it.