(Minghui.org) It has been four months since Master's “On Dafa” was published. As far as I know, some practitioners haven't memorized it. They said it was difficult. That's how I felt, too, when I started. But a thought soon came into my mind: “I have to memorize it no matter how hard it is, because it's part of my cultivation!”

I started writing out “On Dafa.” After copying it 24 times, I started writing it down from memory once or twice a day. After the 54th time, I started reciting it three or four times a day. Eventually, the whole page seemed to have been carved into my mind. My reciting was almost like reading it from a picture in my mind.

Why do I put so much emphasis on memorizing “On Dafa”? As soon as I started reading it, I had the feeling that Master was pushing Dafa disciples, including myself, to higher and higher levels. I made up my mind to help the sentient beings in my cosmic body assimilate to Dafa well and reach their required levels.

During the time I was copying “On Dafa,” there were a couple of days during which my family members and I had several conflicts, which made me feel that I was being wronged.

All kinds of human sentiments arose, as if I hadn't cultivated myself well. However, I realized that Master was helping me cleanse my body one more time. I had gotten rid of many of these attachments, but they weren't completely gone. When I realized this, things in my family turned in a positive direction. I passed this test.

I thank Master for his salvation, and I will become more diligent!