(Minghui.org) It's shocking that an ordinary plastic bag can be used as a deadly torture device by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The following cases reveal how Falun Gong practitioners are being tortured with plastic bags while in detention.

Torture re-enactment: Covering the victim's head with a plastic bag.

1. Practitioners Die After Being Tortured with Plastic Bag

- Mr. Jiang Bingzhi

Mr. Jiang Bingzhi

A prison guard opened the door to the cell where Mr. Jiang Bingzhi was detained and threw two plastic bags on the floor. The inmates assigned to monitor him immediately put the bags over Mr. Jiang' s head and fastened them to his neck. Several inmates then violently beat him. Mr. Jiang was tortured this way until he fell unconscious. He was taken to the hospital for emergency care, and was then released on August 22, 2009, so that he could seek medical treatment. Mr. Jiang died five days later on August 26.

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- Mr. Kong Xiangzhu

Mr. Kong Xiangzhu

Mr. Kong Xiangzhu was sentenced in 2002 and was detained in the Mudanjiang Prison. Guard Li Yan spread mustard powder on a plastic bag and put it over Mr. Kong's head. His face turned purple as he suffocated and his whole body twitched in pain.

Mr. Kong was extremely emaciated and in critical condition at the time of his release. He died two months later on June 23, 2007.

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- Mr. Zhang Shunhong

Mr. Zhang Shunhong and his wife were taken to the Dongji Police Station in Liaoyuan City on April 26, 2006, and were interrogated under torture for 16 hours. Mr. Zhang had a deep cut on his head that was bleeding profusely. Officer Jiang Yang kept pouring cold water over him and used a fan to blow cold air on him at the same time. Mr. Zhang was shivering with cold.

Officer Jiang lit a bundle of cigarettes and tied them to Mr. Zhang's hair so that the cigarettes were dangling in front of his nose. They then put a plastic bag over his head and tied it at his neck to suffocate and choke him. Mr. Zhang died later that day.

- Ms. Li Shuhua

Ms. Li Shuhua

Ms. Li Shuhua, 32, was held in the Yushu Detention Center in September 2003, and was interrogated by the use of torture. They covered her head with a plastic bag and used large needles to pierce her fingertips, arms, back and chest. Her screams could be heard in the corridor.

The guards kept asking Ms. Li questions, but she remained silent. They then sealed her lips and struck her eyes so hard that one of her eyeballs was dislodged from the socket. Ms. Li screamed in pain and lost consciousness.

When the guards reported the situation to their superiors, they were told to kill her to cover up the crime. She died in October 2003.

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- Ms. Ye Lianping

Ms. Ye Lianping was arrested in Daqing City on November 28, 2002. She was taken to a detention center in Mudanjiang City. Early next morning, she was force-fed two bottles of mustard oil. The guards also rubbed the mustard oil into her eyes and nostrils. They then covered her head with a plastic bag, which was tightly sealed at her neck. She couldn’t breathe and lost consciousness. After she came to, they repeated the torture many times.

Ms. Ye died not long after.

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- Ms. Li Hongmin

Ms. Li Hongmin

Ms. Li Hongmin was arrested by the police on October 16, 2002. She was 60 years old at the time. She was tortured to death the following day.

Ms. Li was first force-fed a bottle of mustard oil, and then a plastic bag was wrapped around her head. She died from choking and suffocation.

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2. Practitioners Left Seriously Injured

- Mr. Wang Zhuangshi Loses Consciousness Numerous Times

In June 2004, 50-year-old Mr. Wang Zhuangshi was hung in the air with his hands cuffed behind his back in Jiamusi Prison until he passed out. That evening, his legs and arms were tied and his head was covered with a plastic bag and fastened around his neck. He could hardly breathe.

When Mr. Wang passed out, the guards thumped hard on his chest to revive him. Whenever he regained consciousness, they put the bag back over his head. He was tortured this way five or six times, and his chest was covered in bruises.

- Mr. Sun Changshun's Retina Becomes Detached

Mr. Sun Changshun from Hailin City in Heilongjiang Province was subjected to interrogation under torture at the hands of the police in November 2002. They rubbed hot mustard oil into his eyes, mouth, nose and ears. They then covered his head with a plastic bag. Mr. Sun could not breathe. One of his retina's became detached along the way.

Mr. Sun was sentenced to six years in the Mudanjiang Prison in 2003.

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- Ms. Lin Chunzi Suffers Heart Attack

Ms. Lin Chunzi was arrested on September 29, 2002 by a group of police, including officers Song Yumin, Jiang Yuantao and Jin Haizhu. During interrogation Ms. Lin was forced to sit in a chair with her hands cuffed behind her back to the chair. An officer grabbed her hair and forced mustard oil into her nostrils, and then put a plastic bag over her head. When she had almost lost consciousness, an officer removed the bag. This was repeated many times, until Ms. Lin suffered a heart attack.

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- Plastic Bags Filled with Cigarette Smoke to Choke Mr. Du Guocong

Mr. Du Guocong was detained in the Daqing Forced Labor Camp from October 2002 to March 2003. He was locked in solitary confinement and was forced to sit on a small stool for long periods of time every day. He was only allowed to rest from midnight to 3 a.m.

Inmates Zhao Jinfa, Zhang Tie, Lang Yuzhu and Zhao Junmin were responsible for monitoring Mr. Du. They violently beat him many times a day. They once put a plastic bag over his head and tied it at his neck with a rope. Each of them then lit several cigarettes and took turns blowing the smoke into the plastic bag through a thin plastic tube to choke him.

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- Ms. Qu Yuping Tortured with a Plastic Bag and Mustard Oil

Ms. Qu Yuping from Harbin City was tortured by officers from the Yangming Police Station. They grabbed her hair and forced mustard oil into her nostrils. Her head was then covered with a plastic bag. As she gasped for breath, the plastic bag stuck to her mouth and nose. In desperation, she bit a hole in the bag. But the police quickly put another one over her head. She passed out from suffocation and fell to the ground.

The police untied the bag and poured cold water over Ms. Qu to revive her. When she regained consciousness, they repeated the torture. This process was repeated several times.

- Lit Cigarettes Put in Mr. Wang Xiaoguang's Nostrils

Mr. Wang Xiaoguang from Jilin Province was taken to the Siping Detention Center in August 2007. He was force-fed a mixture of mustard oil, hot pepper powder and water. His head was then covered with a plastic bag. When Mr. Wang lost consciousness, they poured cold water over him to revive him. They also inserted a lit cigarette in each of his nostrils. He passed out again in unbearable agony.

Torture re-enactment: Choking with lit cigarettes

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- Mustard Oil and Lit Cigarettes Put in Ms. Hou Lihua's Nostrils

Ms. Hou Lihua was arrested at the beginning of November 2001, when she was seen talking to people about Falun Gong. Qiao Ping, Chen Liang, Chen Xianrui and others from the Aimin District Police Department tortured her. When she lost consciousness, they poured cold water over her to revive her. They then continued to torture her.

The officers forcibly put mustard oil in her nose and inserted lit cigarettes into her nostrils. They then covered her head with a plastic bag to suffocate her.

Ms. Hou was continually abused over the years and died on February 14, 2009.

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- Mr. Sun Made to Sweat Before Plastic Bag Put Over His Head

Mr. Sun Jianzhong from Tangshan City in Hebei Province was taken to the Xiaobali Brainwashing Center at the end of 2000. Zhou Qiusheng and another guard took him into a room, where a coal fire was burning in the fireplace. They put two layers of thick padded clothing on him and handcuffed him to a chair. Mr. Sun and the chair were then wrapped with a large thick blanket, before being moved next to the fire. Very soon he was drenched in sweat. More coal was added to the fire, as the temperature in the room kept rising.

Mr. Sun was left there for about an hour. He was sweating all over and found it difficult to breathe. They then covered his head with a plastic bag and sealed the bag tightly around his neck. They felt his pulse, and when they saw that he couldn't take it anymore, they loosened the bag a little to allow him a tiny bit of air. They then sealed the bag again. This torture was repeated for about an hour.

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- Two Plastic Bags Put Over Mr. Huang Yanlin's Head

Mr. Huang Yanlin was detained in the branch office of Mudanjiang City Domestic Security Division, where he was tortured and interrogated in October 2002.

Officers first put a plastic bag over Mr. Huang's head and then another one, beforesealing them tightly around his neck. He was deprived of air for almost a minute before the bags were loosened so that he could get a little bit of air. This was repeated many times.

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- Mr. Bian Hongxiang in Critical Condition from Torture

Mr. Bian Hongxiang was taken to the Dehui Hotel in March 2005, where he was tortured. They covered his head with two plastic bags. Each time he passed out, they would allow him to breathe some air until he regained consciousness. Then they put the plastic bags over his head again.

Mr. Bian was repeatedly tortured this way more than twelve times, until he was in critical condition.

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- Ms. Zhang Xuelian Bites Hole in Plastic Bags to Breathe

Ms. Zhang Xuelian was taken to the local police station on September 22, 2009, where she was interrogated under torture. A young officer covered her head with two plastic bags. The first time, he suffocated her for three or four minutes. The second time, it was seven or eight minutes. Ms. Zhang struggled to breathe and tried to take the bags off her head, but another officer held her hands down tightly. A third officer then slapped her hard in the face twice. In desperation, she bit a hole in the bags to let some air in.

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