(Minghui.org) When I sent forth righteous thoughts at noon today, I saw Master in another dimension. He reminded me to do well in saving sentient beings, and enlightened me on deeper meanings of compassion that I want to share with fellow practitioners.

When I started sending righteous thoughts, I saw a goddess. Her holy splendor was beyond human language. I realized this was me in Heaven. Master then appeared above a roiling sea and there was fire burning his back. He paid no attention to the fire, but kept casting a net in the turbid water.

I knew Master was saving sentient beings. Those he was able to catch in the net were getting fewer and fewer. Master's face looked solemn as he cast his net. I so wished Master would rest, but I could not open my mouth to speak. Then I became part of the net, and tried my best to do what I could.

It was truly difficult saving sentient beings in the filthy human world, as human beings were shackled by their notions. When I caught one, dogs would bite my arm as demons and ghosts dragged the humans back down, and so very few could be saved. Master saw that I had been in the contaminated human world too long, and told me to clean myself. When I had this thought, a ray of golden light enveloped me, cleansing me thoroughly, and I knew Master helped me.

When I saw there were very few we could save by casting the net, Master said we were done. I felt an anguish that I had never felt before. Tears ran down my cheeks for the sentient beings we could not save. My tear drops turned into glittering crystal lotus flowers.

Then a miracle happened! Several sentient beings climbed on the lotus flowers and were saved!

Master said to me, “Do you know why this happened? It is because the power of compassion does not need words or deeds. Compassion is your state of being. Your very existence can eliminate bad substances to save sentient beings. That is why I keep telling you all to focus on your cultivation.”

Through my sending righteous thoughts, I have come to understand the deeper meaning of compassion. I felt as an individual I lacked compassion, even though I was doing the three things.

Thank you, Master, for enlightening me. I will cultivate well, fulfill my vow, and save more sentient beings.

The above is what I saw at my very limited level. We need to view the Fa as Master, and should not become attached to what we or others see in other dimensions. We should not take what we hear or see in another dimension as our guide.

Please point out any incorrect understandings.