(Minghui.org) During my meditation, I saw Master's law body coming to me, “You are doing well, hurry up and rescue fellow practitioners around you...” Master showed me my vow, in which one line stood out: “Before the Fa rectifies the human world, I will help Master's disciples who have lagged behind.”

I was also told that except for a few, most of my local practitioners are on the edge of succeeding or failing in their cultivation. And, for those who have been going through the motions but haven't really worked on their xinxing, they have no gong columns.

I was in tears when I came out of meditation. I realized that I should write down my understanding to share with more practitioners.

Just doing things isn't equivalent to cultivating. If we are not diligent in our cultivation, we are in effect killing or harming our sentient beings. Some practitioners have not done the exercises or studied the Fa much and they doze off often during sending forth righteous thoughts. This has resulted in arrests and persecution and many have lost their lives this way.

The sentient beings of those practitioners who are slacking off live amidst black karma. Their world is impoverished and destitute. Only when we cultivate our xinxing will we measure up to the Fa teachings and cultivate solidly.

Righteous gods record everything that each and every Dafa disciple is doing – whether they attend the morning exercises, or study with attentiveness. Some disciples, who participate in various projects, hardly study, and their sending forth righteous thoughts is just a formality; they put their legs down before the time is over.

When I coordinated my local group, the pressure from fellow practitioners was mounting, which caused tremendous obstruction in other dimensions. Quite a few times, I almost gave up. Master encouraged me, and granted me many tools.

Over the years, I had destroyed many systems arranged by the old evil forces. With hints from Master, I notified fellow practitioners to send forth strong righteous thoughts and so we destroyed the evil's plan to persecute practitioners.

For example, two weeks ago I discovered that the cell phones of fellow practitioners in our area were being monitored. During meditation, I also saw a bundle of phone lines in other dimensions. Master gave me a pair of scissors, and I cut the lines.

Recently, I saw that the evil beings went all out, and the sky was covered with dark clouds. Jiang, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party, led numerous underlings to our local area. Several local practitioners began to send forth righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m. We were able to clean out and eliminate a great deal of these beings. Master arrived around 6:00 p.m. and eliminated the demons, and all of the dark clouds dissipated. I knew that my courage came from Master and the Fa.

Master gave me a wok so that I could blow up demons, along with their cunning and deviousness. While sending forth righteous thoughts, I learned that the old forces have manipulated those practitioners who drift along because they don't cultivate themselves and have strong human attachments.

These people interfere with and disturb fellow practitioners with their meddlesome mentality and jealousy, to stir things up and undermine Fa-rectification. They might have looked calm and cool, but they have misled a number of practitioners, interfered with Fa-rectification, and prevented practitioners from improving as a group.

Once the old forces are done using them, they will head to hell and be eliminated.

The closer we are toward the end, the higher are the requirements for us. If our thoughts are not righteous, we will stumble. One time, I saw various animal forms attack fellow practitioners, such as snakes, alligators, vultures. They fiercely attacked those who still had many human notions, enhanced their attachments, made them fall behind and eventually ruined them.

We are truly rescuing people while fighting against the old forces and against time. I finally understand why Master wanted me to “rescue” my fellow practitioners and not just “help” them.

The evil's sinister purpose is to manipulate practitioners who are not behaving according to the Fa, who are misled by their prejudices and biases, or who reject fellow practitioners who are truly helping Master to rectify the Fa. I feel sorry for them, as they are accomplishing what the evil demons could not. I believe that they already have one foot in hell. I truly do not have the heart to look at their future.