(Minghui.org) I have an only child who is now 17 years old and a first-year senior in high school. When my son was born, the doctor had already informed us that he had symptoms of congenital heart disease. He had holes between the atrium and between the ventricles, a narrow pulmonary artery conduit, and a very lax atrioventricular valve that would not close tightly.

When my son was four, he had his first operation in the best hospital in Seoul, Korea. After the operation, I allowed him to go to China to be with his grandparents. However, not six months later, his face started to turn blue, and the condition came and went inexplicably. He also had difficulty breathing and was spitting up blood. It scared my parents so much they pleaded for me to rush him to the hospital.

I picked up my son at the Incheon Airport in 2002 and was shocked to see that his face had turned black. I thought to myself, “He definitely has been poisoned by the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP).” So I told him the facts about the persecution of Falun Gong.

I didn’t expect him to cry out in terror. He sobbed and said, “Stop, Daddy. Jiang Zemin will take Daddy away.” I was stunned. The evil CCP will not even spare a young child of four. All the way home, I clarified the facts to my son. Finally, he gave me a sweet innocent smile and told me he would practice Falun Gong with me.

Because my wife did not practice Falun Gong, out of concern for our son, she insisted we take him to the hospital. The two doctors who had operated on my son the first time are professors. After they examined him, they informed us that he needed a second operation or he would not live long because his pulmonary artery conduit was almost stuck together, leading to a thickening of the right ventricular wall.

However, that operation had to be postponed or my son’s life would be in imminent danger. They prescribed a drug, which was small and granular. They told me it was very potent, like a poison. I should only give him half and would have to watch him closely and call 119 (the emergency dispatch hotline) if something didn’t seem right and take him right away to the emergency room. The drug was to thicken the thinning ventricular wall in preparation for the operation that would take place 20 days later. The professors also indicated that there might be the necessity for a third operation, and that children with this problem usually don’t live long.

At that time, I was translating Master’s "Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia," in which there is this passage:

“Student: Do cultivators’ very young children need to go see the doctor?

“Teacher: People who don’t do cultivation should see the doctor whenever necessary, since ordinary people do need to see the doctor when they get sick. What I’m talking about here are people who are genuine cultivators. Your bodies will all be transformed into Buddha-bodies, and that’s something that cannot be achieved by doctors no matter what treatment they administer. But among those who cultivate Dafa, often there are many families who have children, and it’s very likely that they are no ordinary children. Before reincarnating, the child knows—'This family will study Dafa in the future. I want to reincarnate into this family'—in which case it’s very likely that he might have an extraordinary background. With this type of child, before the child is of the age that he can do the exercises himself, performance of the exercises by you, the adult, will serve as doing the exercises for the child. There are many cases like this, and this will be up to you adults to judge and handle. If you can’t make out whether this is the situation, then your taking him to the hospital isn’t considered wrong. But in such matters your own heart will be looked at, as it will reveal various thoughts and states of mind. Let’s put it this way: if you are a determined Dafa cultivator, you will understand that each person has his own destiny, and problems that are not supposed to happen won’t be allowed to just happen. Usually the type of child I just talked about—who came from high levels—came to obtain the Fa. They don’t have any karma, and they won’t have any health problems. Everything that they endure may very well be borne for you, the adult. There are many cases like that. But it’s not definite. You should appraise and handle specific instances yourselves.”

I let my wife read this part of the Fa and said to her, “In the past, Falun Gong demonstrated such miracles all over the country. Will you let us give it a try?” With tears falling down her cheeks, my wife consented.

I asked our son, “ Do you want the operation or do you want to learn Dafa?” Sobbing, our son declared. “I don’t want any operation. I want to learn Dafa.”

So when we got home, I taught my son the fifth exercise. He picked up everything right away. When we sat down with our legs double crossed in the full lotus position, my son repeatedly said, “It’s very comfortable, way too comfortable!” He also told me, “I can see the Law Wheel (Falun).”

At the time, I was busy with studies and schoolwork, but I would take my son to where Chinese people congregate, to clarify the facts and distribute Dafa materials to them. At first, my son would stop often, squat, and rest before catching up with me again.

As time passed my son’s physical condition improved very rapidly. First, his blue face syndrome disappeared in the first few days of doing the exercises. Then, his shortness of breath that could happen at the drop of a hat disappeared! In 20 days, everything returned to normal! It was Master who has given my son his second chance in life!

Unfortunately, in 2010, I was very much attached to my mentality of complacency, wanting to seek ease and comfort. Not only did I not cultivate diligently, I failed to watch over my son’s studying the Fa and doing the exercises. That year, my son fainted on the school playground. There was nobody around. My son came to after about half an hour. Somebody finally found him, 119 was called, and he was rushed to the emergency room. When I got to the hospital, he had already completely recovered.

However, the doctor said, “Your child's electrocardiogram is very irregular. He almost lost his life. If nobody was around to give him first aid, he could have died.”

But I knew my son had regained consciousness on his own. I knew it was Master who protected him!

Because my son had had his first operation at this hospital, the two professors sought me out and said, “Your child’s heart has developed rather well. Did you take him somewhere else for an operation?” I told them in detail about my son having taken up the practice of Falun Gong. Because of their training and belief system, they couldn’t quite accept the whole truth.

After that incident, my son quickly grew up.

Because I had not truly gotten rid of all my basic attachments, I followed a crooked path arranged by the old forces for a long time, and the old forces resumed their evil tactics on my son. At the end of April this year (2014), my son fainted again at school. This time, he stopped breathing! Our compassionate Master again intervened. He sent a teacher, who was able to give my son artificial respiration and other emergency measures until he resumed breathing.

My son was taken to the emergency room of a university’s general hospital. When I arrived, he had a respirator inserted into his trachea. His whole face was covered with blood. He was unconscious.

The doctor told me, “Your son has stopped breathing. His brain didn’t get any blood for some time. There is a chance he won’t wake up. He might end up in a vegetative state.”

I called out to Master in my heart, “Master, your disciple already recognizes I need to completely rid myself of my basic attachments. I also deny all arrangements by the old forces. Even if I only have one last breath, I’ll deny any arrangement by the old forces. I’ll only walk the path Master planned for me.”

I pleaded with Master to give me one more chance. I continued to send forth righteous thoughts, staunchly trusting that my son would be okay. When fellow practitioners heard about my son, they also helped to send forth strong righteous thoughts for all evil to stop persecuting him.

My son was in intensive for a full seven days. Under Master’s compassionate care and fellow practitioners’ righteous thoughts, he finally woke up!

After coming to, my son was a bit befuddled at first. He just wanted to remove his tubes and go home. After I told him what had transpired, he wanted to sit up and do his exercises, but because he was still so weak, he had no strength in his arms or legs, so after a little while, he had to lie down. But he soon got up again to do the exercises and was again forced to quit. This happened over and over. When the nurses learned how my son was moving about, they were afraid it would cause problem, so they tied his hands and feet to his bed.

My son insisted on leaving the hospital. I went looking for the doctor and said, “My son had an operation when he was four, so he has a lot of negative feelings about hospitals. For the sake of his emotional stability, can he be discharged now? Once he’s stabilized, then we’ll see what needs to be done.”

As expected, the doctor adamantly refused, saying that if my son were discharged under these circumstances, the parents would have to assume legal responsibility. I couldn’t convince the doctor, so I just pleaded with Master in my heart to arrange for my son’s discharge so he could resume his Fa study and exercises at home.

Because of my son’s mental state, the doctor eventually decided to transfer him to the general ward the same day. I let my son read Zhuan Falun, but because he just had his tubes removed, he had difficulty breathing and he couldn’t enunciate the words well. However, as he read on, his words gradually became clearer and clearer, louder and louder. As he kept reading, tears started to stream down his face.Finally, he burst out in sobs, weeping bitterly, saying, “It’s so pointless here. I want to go home.”

I realized my son was able to see other dimensions, because when he was young, he had said he often saw things in other dimensions, so I knew my son was talking about his heavenly home.

I comforted him and said to him, “I know you want to return to your home in heaven. We have to get you out of the hospital so you can go home to study the Fa and do the exercises properly, then you’ll be able to go home with Master.”

My son the stopped crying. He nodded and promised he would study the Fa and do his exercises well as soon as he got home.

He then studied the Fa and lay down to rest. Not half an hour later, he started talking nonsense and couldn’t recognize anybody. This went on all day, so other patients couldn’t sleep or rest. My wife was badly frightened. I was also stunned. What was happening?!

I sent forth righteous thoughts all night but things didn’t get better. So, I started to look inward and realized I hadn’t fully put my trust in Master and Dafa! I knew my son’s condition was but an illusion. I pondered for a long while until I awoke to the fact that I had pleaded with Master to arrange for my son to leave the hospital and that’s exactly what Master had arranged!

I sought out the doctor at once and demanded that my son be discharged. I said to the doctor, “If my son develops a mental disorder, who will be responsible? His other medical problems can be taken care of at a later date, but if he becomes mentally ill, then there is absolutely no chance for him to begin recovery. He must go home. When his condition stabilizes, we’ll discuss what other steps to take.”

In view of the “seriousness” of my son’s mental condition, the doctor finally had to agree. But he had me sign a release before he would let my son leave.

Coincidentally, my brother and sister-in-law just arrived at the hospital. I knew it was also part of Master’s careful arrangement. After the necessary red tape, my brother and I helped my son walk out of the hospital. At the entrance, my son raised his head, took a deep breath, and proclaimed, “Now, all is fine!”

Right after that, he returned to normal!

When we got home, he and I sat down to do the fifth meditation exercise. When we finished, my son stood up on his own accord. Then, we did the first exercise. At the end of the first exercise, he had complete control over his limbs.

That same evening, he was able to eat rice porridge. The following day, he studied the Fa and did the exercises. That evening, he was able to eat a regular meal. The day after that, he returned to school.

For a seriously sick person who has been in intensive care for a week to wake up, leave the hospital, and recover in three days is absolutely impossible. What transpired with my son created a shock wave in school. I took advantage of this opportunity to clarify the facts about Dafa to his teachers.

With my son’s quick recovery, my brother and sister-in-law once again witnessed the miracle of Dafa. They had read Zhuan Falun before 1999, but they had never really entered into cultivation practice. I told my brother, “Hurry up and study the Fa and do the exercises. You are so lucky to have run into this great Law of the Universe. You mustn’t let this encounter that people have waited ten thousand years for to pass you by!” My brother gladly agreed.

Now my son, under Master's compassionate care, studies the Fa and does the exercises every day without fail.

I, likewise, resolve to walk each step well from henceforth, to look at each day as my last day, to advance diligently, and to be Master’s genuine disciple.